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Point diet: what it is and how it works

diet calculation

The points diet is a diet born in the 70s and which is based on the calculation of the points assigned to the various foods that are consumed daily. Let’s find out more.

When we talk about the points diet we mean the regimen created by the dietician Guido Razzoli which is based on the count of points that are assigned to various foods and which, based on body weight, can be spent throughout the day. Those who follow it, based on the weight of the moment and their goal, can then compose their daily menu based simply on this calculation .

Point diet: the table to follow

The purpose of the diet is to give a certain freedom of action. Those who follow it, in fact, have a number to follow and which they can manage as they prefer during the day.

diet calculation
diet calculation

Obviously, it is important to eat properly, following the main meals and eating foods that are as healthy and varied as possible. In this diet, in fact, there are no prohibited foods even if the particularly fatty or sugary ones will obviously have very high scores. Added to this is the freedom of being able to add two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil during the day and without increasing the score.

Point diet: the calculation to be made

Let’s get to the heart of this diet and try to better understand how it works.

As already mentioned, each food has its own score which in the case of many fruits or vegetables corresponds to zero. Then there are more sugary fruits that have one point and more complete foods such as eggs, salmon or cheese that have two. In the case of cheeses, for example, 30 g of caciotta is enough to get to two points.
Desserts and foods rich in toppings are obviously the ones that have the most. Just think that a plate of ravioli has five points while a pizza reaches twenty. A slice of pandoro or colomba has six.
Having said that, it is important to establish the number of points to be achieved each day to lose weight. This, especially after having seen that of the foods is quite low. A woman who weighs 65 kg and who needs to lose weight, for example, can reach around twenty points a day. These obviously go up along with your body weight.

Point diet: example menu

To better understand the points diet, an example of a menu (always for a woman around 65 kg) therefore provides a breakfast with a glass of milk and two tablespoons of cereals, a lunch with pasta with vegetables and lean meat and a dinner with a portion of grilled fish and a side of vegetables to be served with toasted bread. Snacks (if there are points left to spend) can be made with fruit or yogurt.

It is therefore clear that the points diet only works if you are able to create menus that are rich in healthy foods. In this case, the benefits are certainly those of learning to give a numerical value to what you eat. Which should help you understand what is preferable and what should be avoided.

Among the contraindications , however, there is the risk of putting together unbalanced meals, rich in unhealthy foods and therefore low in macro nutrients. It is therefore a diet that always requires a good knowledge of nutrition and therefore should always and only be followed with the help of a nutritionist.

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