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Premature menopause: what are the causes and symptoms

early menopause

Premature menopause is a problem that can occur for different reasons. Let's find out what they are and how to recognize it.

When we talk about early menopause we mean an advance in the normal transition from the fertile period to the one in which ovarian activity ceases to exist.
This change has a variable duration and always takes place over several months. However, it generally occurs around the age of 50. When it occurs first, it is precisely referred to as early menopause.

Premature menopause: the initial symptoms

When you have menopause at age 40, it is called premature menopause.
This can be induced for medical reasons or come on its own due to premature ovarian failure or endocrinological problems which, in turn, can be both temporary and permanent.

early menopause
early menopause

A less early break at the age of 40 can therefore have very different causes.
As for the first symptoms are:

– Insomnia
– Weight gain
– Hot flashes
– Irregular cycle
– Disappearance of the cycle

If in doubt, hormone measurements can be performed through a blood test that will reveal any problems.

Premature menopause: the treatments to follow

When you suffer from premature menopause it is undoubtedly essential to ask your doctor for help in order to be able to better live this period of life.
Depending on the type of problem it is in fact possible to implement some strategies that can make a difference.

First of all, regulating your lifestyle can be of great help, eliminating as much as possible the sources of stress. Even a careful diet can help, both to avoid weight gain and to better integrate your diet with foods that counteract the natural breakdown of estrogen. In addition, the intake of estrogen-progestin hormones can help replace those no longer produced by the ovaries.

This is obviously a choice that will be taken together with the doctor and for which various aspects must be taken into consideration including age, any health problems, and general state of health. In addition, psychological therapy can be useful to better cope with the moment as well as to make decisions related to treatment more easily.

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