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Push up exercises: how to do them correctly for the arms and beyond

push up

Push ups are the so-called push-ups on the arms that are useful both for firming them and for strengthening the muscles. Let's find out how they are done and what they are for.

When we talk about push ups we mean pushups that help to strengthen them without the use of weights or specific tools. What makes the difference is in fact the push that you have during the exercise and that acts as a load capable of working on the muscles. To achieve them, moreover, a certain stability is inevitably acquired which leads to training, albeit in a secondary way, also other areas of the body ranging from the abdominals to the buttocks. So let's find out how to do these exercises correctly.

How to do correct push ups

To make push-ups that work, it is essential to position yourself in the correct way in order not to burden your back.

push up
push up

Once this is done it is very important to kneel on the ground (preferably on a mat) and place your hands on the floor keeping them perpendicular to the legs. At this point it is time to stretch out your feet and keep them close together.

Once this is done, you can proceed both with the knees resting on the ground (the simpler version) and with the legs straight (the more complicated version). The arms should first bend and then flex backwards and all while keeping the back very straight. When performing them it is important to remember that the more the legs are together, the more difficult the exercise will be.

In addition, there is also a push up board for more simplified exercises and to do with a tool that can help you move in the correct way. Here is a video that explains in detail all the movements:

How to perform push-up exercises for the buttocks

The classic push-ups that are done for the arms help to work indirectly also on the abdominals and buttocks. Nevertheless, there are also specific push-ups for the latter. To do this, just lie down (always better if on a mat) and keep your arms straight and perpendicular to the body. To perform them, just lift the buttocks off the ground and contract the area well. By doing so it will be possible to train and firm them.

Either way, push ups can be really useful but to do so they need to be done correctly. If you have any doubts (especially about the posture you assume during exercise) it may be useful to contact a personal trainer in order to start doing them with a super vision. In this way they can be performed without damage and with the certainty of obtaining tangible results.

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