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Red spots on the skin: causes and possible treatments

red spots

Red spots on the skin are a problem that can occur sporadically or often. Let's find out what it depends on.

Red spots on the skin are a skin problem that can have several causes. They generally come in different forms and may or may not be accompanied by burning, pain, swelling, etc …
The areas in which they occur are usually the face, trunk, neck, arms , hands and feet.
So here's what you need to know about red spots and how to counter them.

Red spots: the most common causes

red spots
red spots

Whether it is red spots on the legs or red spots on the belly, there can be so many causes.

Some can be guessed from symptoms such as burn-like red spots on the skin while others need to be investigated further.

Among the most common reasons are stress rash , allergies to nickel (as in the case of dyshidrosis ) or to foods and chemicals, excessive heat or cold, angioma, hives, erythema, infectious diseases such as measles, herpes zoster, rosacea, etc …

Whether it is red spots on the skin without itching or with itching, the first thing to do is therefore to try to trace the cause. Only in this way can we hope to find a solution .

How to fight red spots

The first thing to do in front of the presence of red spots on the hands or in other parts of the body is to contact a dermatologist , even better if he is also an expert in allergies.

Once the cause has been established, the doctor can prescribe the treatment or draw up (in case of allergy to something) a list of foods or substances to avoid. In cases of stains that cannot be eliminated, there is the possibility of removing them surgically.

While waiting to discover the causes, it is possible to use creams or gels that can soothe the inflammation to stop both itching and burning. In any case, before acting it is always better to ask for an opinion at least from the general practitioner and everything in order to avoid complications.

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