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Septicemia: causes, symptoms and treatments


Septicemia is a very dangerous condition. Let's find out why it occurs and how to intervene.

When we talk about septicemia, we mean an extremely exaggerated immune response in the presence of an infection. A problem that occurs when chemicals released by the immune system lead to systemic inflammation. Often silent (at least initially), this condition can be very dangerous and even fatal. This is why it is extremely important to learn to recognize it in time and act quickly from the very first symptoms.

Septicemia, meaning and symptoms

The word septicemia comes from the Greek word "sepsis" which means putrefaction. It therefore indicates the decomposition of organic material. Going to septicemia and how it is taken, in fact, this is usually triggered by an infection .


In the case of sepsis, symptoms are initially chills, high fever, shortness of breath and a rapid heartbeat. Later, nausea, confusion, skin rashes, hypotension , weakness, hypothermia, muscle aches, diarrhea, poor urination, and loss of consciousness occur .
Obviously, in the case of septicemia, the initial symptoms must already alarm and encourage action.

Going to septicemia and the causes that can lead to it are pneumonia, skin infections, endocarditis, urinary tract infections, abdominal infections, surgery, etc … All situations that, in some cases, can lead to a blood infection and all its possible complications.

What to do in case of severe sepsis

When a systemic infection occurs, the only thing to do is to move in time and ask for help right away. In fact, if you act immediately, it is possible to intervene with a broad-spectrum antibiotic treatment capable of eliminating or making the infection more manageable.

In case of aggravation, however, hospitalization is required, which is usually done in intensive care. In this case, mechanical ventilation , surgery, intravenous feeding and dialysis may be necessary.

All the more reasons to go immediately to the doctor or to the emergency room already in the presence of the very first symptoms. Only in this way will it be possible to avoid reaching an extreme phase and in which the treatments could prove to be united, thus leading to death.

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