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Sex, understanding and desire: climacteric and andropause do not stop us

andropause climacteric sex

Without pretending to dispel any clichés, it can be considered that, if real life begins at 40, it is equally realistic to say that real sex takes place after 50.

It should not seem too strange, if we consider how the main sources of stress have now been left behind: a not just element, which can allow the couple to relive or recover some of that adolescent carefree, which allows them to enjoy better. of the act.

andropause climacteric sex

What makes sex in old age unique

Sex in the third age has the flavor of lightheartedness and is fueled by a desire which, contrary to popular belief, is still alive, in man as in woman. Certainly, the commonplace wants the opposite, but the reality of the facts tells of a third age without social pressures, both in terms of work production and in terms of family reproduction, and therefore poorer in stress. The absence of these two elements, so rooted in men aged 30 to 50, allows sex to be experienced with renewed lightness and a newfound warmth.

A similar sexual desire closely recalls the more typically youthful one, which can animate and be nourished with due care, which, however, is easier to reserve for one's own body and that of her partner: in fact, liberation from social anxieties allows you to grant more time and more energy for the courtship and passion of the couple. The improvement of the sexual sphere is therefore guaranteed, thanks also to a greater playfulness of the couple and the use of incentives such as sex toys, lubricants, sex roulette and erotic games of various kinds, which, if they leave a smile on the lips of the most skeptical, give many moments of pleasure to those directly involved.

The benefits of sex in old age

Health, well-being and sexual activity are linked together by a close bond, which the andropause cannot affect. In fact, a rich and constant sexual activity even in old age allows the body to experience a beneficial release of endorphins and, at the same time, guarantees advantages from a psychological point of view: a man who is able to satisfy his desire with his partner, in fact, still feels desired, active, vital and therefore more inclined to take care of himself. The resulting circle is extremely virtuous: a sexually active man cultivates his own well-being by meeting a healthier and less sedentary lifestyle than others.

Another aspect of the question should not be underestimated: a man who takes care of himself in a natural way, in fact, can reduce the use of all those drugs that, potentially, can have a negative impact on his sexual performance. For this reason, improving one's lifestyle, as a consequence of a healthy and satisfying sex life, ends up laying the very premises for an even more stimulating and enjoyable sexual activity for both.

Is climacteric an enemy of sex?

If the myth of the decline of desire in old age was born, there must still be a reason. This has its roots in the climacteric , that is, in that change that characterizes the human body in the transition from the second to the third age. These changes are therefore typical of what is called menopause in women and andropause in men. It is possible to establish some parallels between the two phenomena, as the male and female climacteric are both characterized by profound hormonal changes, such as the interruption of female estrogen production and a change in the functioning of male testosterone, whose levels between the others decrease significantly.

If a woman, having reached the menopause, can no longer produce children, it is also true that the male sperm count decreases considerably when she reaches the third age, making procreation more difficult for men. Insomnia and mood disorders more easily characterize women, while alterations in metabolism and the onset of diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disorders seem to affect men more often, more or less frequently also triggering erectile deficit.

From these elements, psychological consequences derive directly both for the woman, who tends to feel less seductive, and for the man, who comes to question his own virility due to the inability to maintain an erection or to ejaculate at the same time. termination of the relationship. Despite these premises, however, there is, scientifically speaking, no decrease in desire to be put in direct relation to the female or male climacteric : this therefore testifies that andropause and climacteric are not enemies of sex at all, even though it sometimes makes it more difficult.

However, everything can be easily resolved in the name of a renewed sexual understanding with one's partner, now more easily reachable thanks to the intrinsic advantages of the third age: less anxiety, less worries, less social pressures; facilitating the relationship by improving one's self-esteem or the quality of one's relationship can only make the man more performing and therefore more fulfilling the act. From here, the step to a healthier and more enjoyable life is extremely short.

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