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Shortness of breath: what it depends on and how to act when it occurs

shortness of breath

Having shortness of breath means presenting a respiratory fatigue that should always be investigated. Let's find out the causes and possible remedies.

Suffering from shortness of breath means having a respiratory problem that can be momentary or recurrent and at the same time normal (if caused by temporary fatigue) or worrying (if it occurs for no reason and in conditions of rest). It is therefore a problem that should always be seen with your doctor , especially if wheezing becomes more and more frequent even after minimal stress.

Shortness of breath: the most common causes

Heavy breathing can be an annoying condition, especially when it comes suddenly and for no apparent reason.

shortness of breath
shortness of breath

Whether it is an acute manifestation and therefore of short duration or chronic and able to last for more than a month, it is therefore very important to try to understand the reasons. For shortness of breath, the most common causes and to which you need to pay attention are in fact different. These include asthma attacks , bronchial problems, pneumonia, rib fractures or myocardial infarction.

All alert situations and for this reason a careful history of the problem is necessary.
Of course, there are also more common and normal causes such as allergies, respiratory tract infections and physical activity. And then there are those related to diseases such as obesity, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, anenia, etc … In any case, if you suffer from shortness of breath the causes should seem to be investigated.

What to do when you have shortness of breath at rest

While wheezing may be normal under stress, shortness of breath when in a state of rest should always be alarming. And push, consequently, to consult the attending physician. Only in this way will it be possible to trace the cause and understand if at the base there is a treatable pathology or an actual health risk.

It should also be remembered that shortness of breath and heart are linked. And in case of sudden shortness of breath, it is always necessary to ask someone for help. Although this should not be alarming, it can in fact be a first alarm bell for a heart attack or for a heart problem that once discovered can be cured.

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