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Shorts know no age and can be worn without worries even at 50

Denim shorts

Like love, shorts have no age and are worn even at 50, focusing on the right models.

Who said that at 50 we have to say goodbye to one of the most comfortable and fresh clothes ever that we can wear in the summer? We are talking about shorts. Of course maybe it won't be the case to wear those crotch and culottes, considering that it also takes a certain youthful tolerance to be beautiful you have to suffer and that maybe make us decidedly uncomfortable, but the world of fashion is beautiful because it is varied and above all it knows be inclusive in all respects.

So let's not dream of not buying a lot of shorts: to wear at the beach, in the city, in the office . focusing on fresher fabrics and medium lengths, they will become the summer garment par excellence to wear more than you could imagine.

Shorts to wear in the city even at 50 and how to combine them

If we let sexy, light summer dresses with slits uncover our legs, why can't we wear shorts? Of course, maybe not everyone feels comfortable with the latest model in jeans with side slits and short as Jennifer Lopez wears in the video of her latest single Cambia El Paso , but there are as many shorts to keep up with the trends you want.

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– The denim bermuda shorts, for example, are an evergreen for a summer wardrobe at any age: whether classic or a little more irreverent like this model with rips by Mango , it has the right length to wear in a casual and easy way for a walk.

– The classic wide-leg and tailored cut is undoubtedly another model on which we can focus for occasions that require a certain formality, for example to go to the office, to combine with a blazer or even focus on a matching suit if a special event or party awaits us, to be combined with a pair of slingbacks or pumps.

Summer shorts: which ones to wear on vacation and how to combine them

The models in linen, in colored, floral or cashmere patterns , to be worn according to the capri style with a lot of belt or on the fly with a rope belt to go to the beach – an image that already makes us feel on vacation, are the models to wear in a suitcase, to be worn with slippers, Birkenstocks or flat sandals, in short, as you like it.

– And since the dimension is that of the holiday, we can also dare with shorter models without asking too many dilemmas, maybe even rolling them, so as to make them even more fashion. For boho style lovers, there is also sangallo lace , a fresh alternative to wear to go to the beach or for an aperitif at sunset, combined with a crochet bikini.

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