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Sore nose inside? Causes and possible solutions

inflamed nose

Having a sore nose inside is often unpleasant. Let's find out why it happens and how to act to soothe the discomfort.

Suffering from an inflamed nose inside means having a whole series of symptoms that can depend on different causes but which often manifest themselves with pain in the nose , irritated nasal mucosa, cuts in the nose, etc … Let's find out what are the most common causes, how to recognize them and what do to find the most suitable solution to the problem and relieve the swollen nose.

Nasal inflammation problems: the most common causes

In most cases, nasal inflammation is called rhinitis .

inflamed nose
inflamed nose

This can lead to a stuffy or runny nose, watery eyes, frequent sneezing , and even migraines.
It can be caused by colds or allergies and last a short time or become chronic.
In any case, it is always very important to go back to the root cause because in case of allergies, the solution can only be put into practice after understanding what you are allergic to.

In other cases, a swollen nose on one side can be caused by nasal congestion which again can be viral or due to an allergy.
Common causes, therefore, can lead to different problems which tend, however, to manifest themselves in very similar ways. Also for this reason, a diagnosis can sometimes take some time.
Obviously, sinusitis is not to be forgotten, another possible cause that always brings with it similar symptoms.

How to remedy nasal inflammation

When faced with a swollen and sore nose or with other problems, it is always very important to contact your doctor in order to trace the causes. In fact, there are several small measures that can be implemented and ranging from nasal washes, the use of ointments, up to the exclusion of substances that produce allergies or the use of antihistamines, if it is not possible to eliminate the sources of allergy . .

What matters is never to underestimate the problem and try the treatments suggested by your doctor until you find the right one that works. In this way it will be a lot you can hope to soothe both the inflammation in the nose and the discomfort it always brings with it.

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