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Sudden chills: causes and possible remedies


Chills are a common problem and can have many causes. Let's find out the most common ones.

When we talk about sudden chills, we mean that feeling that can come at any time that leads to chills without fever that can last only a few moments or for several minutes. This is a rather annoying problem that can also have important causes . Let's find out which are the most important to recognize and how to act correctly.

Chills: the causes to be recognized

Chills are muscle contractions that occur when the body temperature is too low.


Often unpredictable they can lead to the sensation of unbearable cold or the so-called goosebumps .
In most cases, the reason can really be related to the need to raise the body temperature. In other cases, however, the causes may be different.
Among the most common and widespread, there are for example:

– Sudden emotions
– Shock
– Excessive efforts
– Panic attacks
– Tension states

In other cases, there may be underlying pathologies such as diabetes blood sugar which when it suddenly drops leads to the unpleasant sensation of cold, hypoglycemia and anemia.

Cold chills in summer may be easier to feel, as are cold chills without fever and fatigue. In any case, when they arise, it is very important to try to understand the causes and if necessary, contact your doctor immediately.

How to act in the presence of chills

When you have chills at night or during the day, it is very important to control your body temperature. The problem must obviously be taken with greater attention in case of chills and nausea.

In any case, it will be necessary to try to warm the body in order to solve the problem immediately. If you suffer from pathologies it will be important to take care of restoring normal physiological functions. In case of hypoglycemia, for example, efforts must be made to solve the problem as quickly as possible in order to get the body back to work at its best.

Then there are supplements that can help in this regard such as Ginseng, elderberry, etc … However, these are remedies that are always good to take after talking to your doctor.

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