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Sweating is good, science says so: here is the reason

Cold sweats

Why is sweating good? Science helps us understand the benefits of sweat, one of our best friends when it's too hot.

Sweating isn't always a problem. Indeed, sweating is important and has great benefits. Science confirms this. When it is very hot and the heat oppresses us, it is normal for our body to be flooded with sweat, sometimes in excessive quantities , other times in a more controlled way. However, it is a totally natural reaction, and which is to the total benefit of our health and that of our skin. Here is the reason.

Sweating is good for your health: the reason

There are several reasons that lead experts to define sweating as a fundamental activity for our body. Sweating allows us to expel toxins , improves circulation and refreshes our body. In fact, the most important role of sweating is precisely this: to guarantee our body proper thermoregulation , especially when we are starting to get too hot.


But sweating, expelling toxins, also allows us to lose weight and therefore favors the maintenance of our figure. One more reason not to be ashamed of the drops of sweat that wet our face and our body.

The mechanism of sweating

As explained by an article from the International Hyperhidrosis Society , the mechanism of sweating is made possible by a series of sweat glands that are distributed throughout our body. Most of these are eccrine, and we find them on our extremities, foreheads and cheeks. The sweat produced by them is odorless and clear and serves to control our temperature.

On the other hand, the productions of the apocrine glands , which are found mainly in the armpits and in the inguinal region, have a characteristic strong odor. In this case, the contact between the fluid produced and the bacteria present on the surface of the skin generates the characteristic body odor of each of us.

Sweating is also good for the skin

Yes, another of the benefits of sweating concerns our skin. Although many believe the opposite, sweat is not responsible for acne, but rather contains some antimicrobial peptides that would help to guarantee our skin natural protection from germs and bacteria, as reported by some dermatologists to the English version of Glamor .

In short, even if it can be annoying for our social activities, sweating is absolutely not a bad thing or something to be ashamed of. Instead, it is a fundamental mechanism for the thermoregulation of our body and we can only be grateful for the delicate role it plays.

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