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The easy, fast and glam hairstyles that will save us from the heat: the ponytail to revisit and the disheveled crop

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The hair trends of this summer offer comfortable and anti-heat hairstyles, beautiful to look at and practical. Just as celebs like them

How willing are you to put your long hair on the line, experiment and have fun following the latest trends? Because this year the prevailing trend on Instagram of influencers and celebs who have hair is only one: mixing comfort, trendydress and speed to identify the perfect hairstyle that can defend us from high temperatures to be embellished with clips and accessories, it oscillates between a look now wild and now chic.

Hair trends summer 2022: a classic to revisit, the ponytail according to Chiara Ferragni

It has always accompanied us: as soon as the length of our hair reaches the shoulders, the first practical and comfortable hairstyle we think of, the one we can do on the fly simply by wearing an elastic behind us is the ponytail. And who if not she could compete with the bun this summer?

To prove it is always her, Chiara Ferragni, a serial forerunner of trends and openly fan of chignons, from the most sophisticated to those made on the fly. But we also spotted the Ferry with a ponytail , in two versions that we really like: the classic half-height but with a wavy effect, which we can create after having moved our hair with an iron. Alternatively, there is an even more basic one that we can create: low to be collected with a molettone and with a frisee effect, which is back in trend thanks to the influence this summer.

Easy, fast and wild: the disheveled crop of a supermodel

It will have happened to you several times to look at the top models off the catwalks: casual, disengaged, their look is appealing for the simplicity with which they manage to mix trendy garments in one go, as if to put aside the long preparation out of work. which requires their work. And among the hairstyles we see the most choosing is the disheveled crop, a trend that we can steal for this summer 2022, spotted at Bella Hadid , who also dropped a few strands by focusing on a low crop, but also reminds us of the look of the Kate Moss of the 90s.

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Low or high we can also decorate our disheveled crop by drawing on some accessories directly from the trendiest hair archive of the 2000s: rhinestones, glitter, clips, star-shaped or emoticon applications, to make everything even more colorful and pop, perfect even for a summer party. Among the trends this year there are also scarves or a braid around the crop to give a more romantic touch.

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