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The lightest and most carefree it-bag of summer 2022 is the canvas shopper: from designer models to customized ones

Shopper bag

Soft, comfy, summer, the canvas shopping bags are the model that cannot be missing from our collection of iconic bags of the summer, also this year

Straw , wicker, cotton, crochet are the textures that tell the summer bags of our dreams. Little desire to waste time in preparations and pleasantries, so much the desire to leave or spend the days in the open air. Summer knows little about pleasantries and preparation and prefers things done "on the fly": like a maxi dress to wear in one go and a bag large enough and roomy to put everything you need, perhaps even to show off in one or more contexts. And the canvas shopping bags seem to us the perfect synthesis of these emotions.

Summer 2022 shopping bag: the Dior Tote Bag, a classic

Today when you say canvas bag, the first to jump to the eyes and make us dream on the Amalfi Coast is the Dior Book Tote , an it-bag model of the brand that returns every summer with different patterns, always new but always designer inspirations. The trendy models of this summer are dedicated to nature: floral motifs , but also exotic ones recalling the iconic animals of the savannah.

Among the novelties of this year there is also the mini tote dedicated exclusively to the mobile phone, but so soft and capacious that it can also include the essentials for a walk without too many thoughts to carry by hand or over the shoulder. This bag is the flagship of the maison, finely embroidered is now an icon, the ideal canvas bag to treat yourself for an important summer investment that knows no time: the price in fact starts from 2000 euros upwards but its versatility, to the sea and in the city, it's priceless.

Shopping bag to customize, mix and match, the prΓͺt Γ  porter by Zara

Inspired by the Book Tote Bags that bear the Chistian Dior writing in plain sight, this year many have thought of personalizing their shopping bag, perhaps with their own name or with some representative writing. It is in fact a good compromise between originality and low cost : these bags, in fact, just like the fashion of personalized straw hats, can also be handcrafted. On Instagram and online there are several sites that deal with these personalized summer bags.

– Other fashion houses this year have focused on mix and match , combining the canvas with leather details in elegant and refined color contrasts: the models by Balmain , Coach , Ysl , Prada and Michael Kors , thus define the dress codes of the new shopping bag that multiplies its dimensions, so as to choose whether to include it in the pret a porter and in the more capacious models also designed for traveling.

– And if you want the low cost version of these models that we will still be able to show off in autumn, on Zara the creamy white bicolor with leather details is available in the format you prefer, to be worn over the shoulder or as a handbag from 25 euros upwards. A model that already promises to be a must have.

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