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The most beautiful prêt-à-porter looks by Kate Middleton, between elegance and casual chic

Kate Middleton

Chic and elegant but with sobriety: from Kate Middleton there is only to learn and copy her looks of a thousand occasions

Compared to Letizia Ortiz who loves to liven up the royal dress code even with some daring strokes – do you remember the cut out a few months ago ? – Kate Middleton is the perfect image of the balance between wearing fashionable clothes, within everyone's reach but always respecting the sober and composed dress code that requires her image.

A lesson that must have inevitably learned from Diana: re-proposing garments already worn but with new combinations, having key pieces in the wardrobe that outline a formal but practical style, makes her closer than ever to her people and even to fashion addicts, as they show the sold out that Zara periodically records of a garment chosen and worn by her. And we just have to learn and be inspired by her best looks of the year, to show off here and now.

Kate Middleton outfit 2022: shorts + cardigan, strategic look for summer and autumn

If you are one of those who love shorts but do not know how to wear them every day since we find crotch shorts or lengths that do not satisfy us, Kate has found the answer and the right size to the perfect shorts to wear even at the beginning of the autumn: a bell-shaped model just over the knee in white, practical and chic.

The Duchess paired a blue yarn sweater with white stripes , winking at a sailor look, perfect to wear in summer on cooler and humid days but strategic in autumn, when temperatures start asking us to dress in layers. And the shoes? Kate chooses a pair of white Superga sneakers and we could only agree: a comfy chic with a royal allure. A decidedly new item in the Duchess of Cambridge's wardrobe.

Fantasy midi dress + blazer, a practical elegance combo

If the Bermuda shorts were a surprise, they are definitely not two very expensive items in Kate's wardrobe and that this year have undoubtedly become her distinctive outfit: the maxi dress and the blazer, which for some time this part I have become a single outfit, which Kate generally uses on the occasion of important foreign events or special public occasions.

– However, there is another novelty in your wardrobe and this time it is the discovery of a new nuance: a wisteria with iridescent shades that warns us how much this color we will choose until the end of 2022. We are therefore also ready for a blazer of this color to be worn with a midi dress in a combination of elegance and practicality that offers us an inspo look for a ceremony such as a graduation or as an office outfit for particularly important business meetings.

Midi dresses are a real passion for Kate: the Duchess has identified the precious essence of this garment, feminine but also comfortable , which she prefers in all variants, from solid colors to patterned models such as geometric, polka dots or floral. Chic when worn alone, dynamic when paired with a blazer, to be worn with a sling back or décolléte strictly.

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