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The therapeutic effects of the shower in winter


Among the countless pleasures you can have in life, how can we not mention taking a nice shower?

For many it is one of the most anticipated moments of the day, especially after a busy day at work, when you need to disconnect and regenerate.

Yes, regenerate, because the shower is not only a matter of hygiene, but also helps mental health and makes the brain work well, putting in place a real reset effect on ideas and thoughts, helping to focus problems better and to take decisions to solve them.

Always linked to the purely cognitive aspect, the shower is also seen as a way to “cleanse one’s conscience”, and this belief has been carried on for millennia, because in religious ceremonies the practice of cleaning the body was associated with a feeling of moral clarity and ethics.

Last but not least, taking a shower increases motivation and energy. But to achieve all these benefits in the best possible way, it is important to have a shower enclosure capable of guaranteeing maximum comfort.


Italians and the relationship with the shower

The data confirm that Italians tend to shower as soon as they return from work, demonstrating how it is associated with a moment of pleasure rather than hygiene, although of course the latter remains an important component. The tendency is to stay there for at least 5-10 minutes , and the shower wins out against the bathtub, as over 60 % of Italians declare that they could very well do without it , while a bathroom without a shower could not exist.

The benefits of a shower in winter versus summer

Usually we tend to take a hot shower in the winter and a cold shower in the summer, although these rules do not have to be strictly followed. During the winter, the hot shower is a panacea from many points of view: it helps to relax and sleep well at night, as well as eliminating the stress of the day from the skin. Furthermore, in case of colds or respiratory tract infections, it reduces the symptoms, also thanks to the steam that dissolves the phlegm and frees the nose. By dilating the pores of the skin, the hot shower finally cleans the excess sebum. In summer, on the other hand, we tend to get under cold water , also because it promotes reactivity and increases heart rate , stimulating circulation on the surface of the body. It also reduces muscle soreness due to sport, and gives brightness to the skin without drying the sebum layer, a barrier that acts as a protection both to the epidermis and to the hair.
However, for those suffering from dryness, hot water can even worsen the condition of the skin by causing itching, ditto if you have problems with high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease. In these cases you can opt for a lukewarm jet , but those who do not suffer from particular pathologies can use the benefits of a cold shower even in winter, following a specific procedure: first bathe the body with water at a pleasant temperature and, once that you are used to it, you pass to the fresh one. It is important not to abuse the freshness, however, by trying not to spend too much time under the jets. There are many beliefs to be disproved about the cold shower, such as the fact that it causes a cold or that in general it weakens the immune system. None of this is true, provided that once the activity is finished you dry yourself immediately with a bathrobe. Similarly, cold water may not necessarily be the best solution to regenerate in summer: a hot shower in fact stimulates the body to produce heat to lower body temperature, consequently increasing the feeling of prosperity once completed.

Comfortable and full optional showers

In short, as we have seen, there is no fixed rule to follow, everyone must evaluate the ideal water temperature based on their physical characteristics and needs, just as it is important to have a custom-made shower cubicle. in which to relax in comfort and away from prying eyes, perhaps opting for an opaque shower glass , able to offer the right privacy and give a sense of intimacy.

Nowadays, shower stalls are becoming, in all respects, real relaxation areas , like bathtubs. In addition to having devices such as the shower head, the mixer or the vertical positioning arm, typical elements of any shower, they have accessory functions dedicated to well-being, to allow treatments comparable to a spa. Usually in the shower box you wash standing up, but some models include seats in order to fully enjoy the benefits of adjustable shower heads, with multiple jet modes ranging from rain to waterfall, or even hydromassage . The massaging action of water can be made even more pleasant by aromatherapy , with which it is possible to shower surrounded by intoxicating scents. In some showers it is possible to practice chromotherapy , thanks to LEDs that change color according to the temperature of the water, which bring different benefits depending on the shade emitted. There are also high-tech shower stalls, equipped with speakers or radios to listen to music and relax even more.

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