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Tingling in the back: what it depends on and how to intervene


What causes tingling in the back? The causes can be different, but it is necessary to intervene as soon as possible.

Have you ever experienced a tingling sensation in your back ? Don't panic – in most cases there is nothing to worry about. In any case, it is good to go to a physiotherapist as soon as possible, in order to reduce any pain along the spine and avoid possible relapses.

Tingling in the back: causes

Tingling in the back can be caused by multiple factors and can extend to the hands, legs or feet. Not only that, it can also lead to pain , occasional or constant, along the spine or on the shoulders. Generally, the problem is caused by a contracture, a strain or a tear in the back. In severe cases, however, it can be generated by radiculopathy, a medical condition that, in addition to numbness, can cause severe pain and general weakness.

Whether the tingling in the back is right or left side does not matter. What matters is to find out the cause as soon as possible, in order to intervene with the appropriate therapy. Almost always, with a little physiotherapy everything is resolved. The specialist will take care of the patient in three phases: the first time to reduce pain, the second aimed at educating the subject to correct posture and the third to avoid relapses.

Back asleep: treatment and care

Considering that back pain is one of the most common pathologies among the local population, it is good to better understand the causes. Often, in fact, the problem is caused by an incorrect posture , perhaps due to hours and hours spent in front of the computer. However, the best advice can only be given by the physiotherapist. Furthermore, it will always be he who establishes the treatment and care most appropriate to the clinical picture in question.

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