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Toe on the big toe: what it is and how to remedy it

big toe

Toe pinching is a fairly common problem. Let's find out how to recognize it and what are the treatments.

When we talk about the big toe we mean the inflammation that can affect the soft parts of the fingers or toes and that, in this specific case, concerns the area of ​​the big toe. This type of inflammation can be either mild or strong, and sometimes pus is also present. If not neglected, the toe to the foot is still an easily solved problem .

Giradito: how to recognize it

When faced with a finger in the hand or a finger in the thumb, the symptoms are usually attributable to burning, redness and pain in the affected area.

big toe
big toe

Often there may also be swelling and, in some cases, there is also pus which must obviously be eliminated. The same symptoms also affect the big toe and, more generally, the fingertip as an infection. And this regardless of the area it affects.

What matters is to proceed with the treatment as soon as possible. If left untreated, in fact, the finger (since it is in effect an infection) can lead to fever and muscle aches.

How to take care of the finger

As for the finger and the treatment to be implemented, this should always be seen together with the attending physician. Typically, you just need to disinfect the area to fix it within a few days.
In more serious situations, however, it may be necessary to use drugs that will be prescribed by the doctor and, when it is not taken in time, a small incision can also be useful, able to eliminate the pus and avoid the spread of the infection.

Having said that, the doctor will first of all have to understand the causes that led to the finger.
This can in fact come from an incorrect manicure, the habit of biting the nails or from irritation and accidental and untreated infections.

Knowing the cause is of bacterial, fungal or other origin , it is essential to develop the most suitable treatment and solve the problem in the shortest possible time.
To prevent the problem, on the other hand, it is very useful to always carefully control the fingers and toes and a diet aimed at supporting the immune system which, if deficient, can more easily lead to the formation of infections.

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