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Under the sign of Re-Nylon: Prada and Adidas launch their first sustainable collection

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A sports line where luxury, tradition and sustainability meet: this is how the collab with Adidas marks Prada’s transition from Nylon to Re-nylon.

It all started with a pair of sneakers – remember the iconic Adidas Superstars revisited by Prada or those dedicated to Luna Rossa – but there was much more at stake: this time the Adidas and Prada partnership goes further by launching a collection that for the maison has a profound meaning, being the first sustainable line made of Re-Nylon that thus enters the cult clothing of luxury streetwear . The Italian brand thus joins concrete decisions on sustainability, as already done previously by big names such as Armani and Gucci.

Adidas and Prada: rethinking luxury streetwear from a green point of view

Released on January 13, the collection is designed for men and women. For the maison it represents a new concept of wearing streetwear garments, in fact it rethinks luxury sportswear through a more sustainable lens using the infinitely recyclable fabric , Re-Nylon, used for the first time in 2019.

It is a material created through the recycling of plastic waste collected from the oceans and waste of textile fibers that have been purified and recycled several times but without absolutely affecting the yield and therefore the quality of the product. From this moment on, in fact, Prada abandons the use of virgin nylon and converts its entire production to Re-Nylon : a green goal that the company had previously set itself and that it managed to achieve at the end of 2021.

A co-creative and open source collection: where to buy and how to customize the garments

Following the trend of the moment, which pushes the birth of each collection even to the boundaries of the metaverse so as to give users an even more immersive experience, the Prada and Adidas collections also look to digital: “Ready to celebrate the intrinsically innovative spirit of their latest collection through a unique digital activation, bringing together brands and people in a radically inclusive way. Collaborative by nature, fans of the collection will be invited to participate in the metaverse with Adidas and Prada through the open-source co-creation , “they stated in a presentation note.

The collection, which can be purchased on the Prada website, therefore promises to be customizable and the modalities will probably be specified from time to time by the maison. Track coat, sneakers, a jumpsuit, a sweater, jacket with hood and fisherman hat, shoulder bags, in basic nuance – black with white stripes and white with black stripes – are branded with the enameled Prada logo and are the garments that moment they were officially released. Prices start from 650 euros for sneakers, the revisited Forum Adias, to 1700 euros for the jacket.

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