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Welcome to Metaverse Fashion Week 2022: brands are showing digital collections for the first time

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After some previews and virtual experimentation, fashion inaugurates the first Metaverse Fashion Week 2022.

Since all brands are now headed to take at least one step into the metaverse, the birth of the first edition of the Metaverse Fashion Week 22 makes this transition even more sudden.

We have been talking about Metaverso in the fashion field for a while: just think of the latest innovations by Gucci with Vault or by Benetton , who created his virtual space on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week. In reality, these are small experiences already preceded by a series of virtual collections that can be purchased on online platforms or in video games to dress up their avatars, or virtual campaigns to anticipate collections that we would then see live, as happened for Zara .

Metaverse Fashion Week 2022: what it is and what events are scheduled

Since the concept of Metaverse should be a further evolution of what the Second Life platform once represented – that is, we run away to build the life we ​​want at least elsewhere – the idea of ​​a virtual fashion week could fulfill everyone’s wish. who, not being insiders, have always dreamed of being able to participate in a fashion week.

The calendar is full of events and initiatives that, in addition to assisting, will allow the public to actively interact: there will be various fashion districts, fashion shows, concerts, pop-up stores, film installations and after parties. It will obviously be necessary to have an avatar and some cryptocurrency – the one accepted in this event is the MANA -, if the desire to shop escapes you. Yes, because what you will see parade you can also buy here and now, both for your avatar or even for yourself, thanks to a special connection with the online shop of each brand.

The brands that have confirmed their presence are more than 50: Etro , which on March 25 will parade with the gender fluid Liquid Paisley collection, Giuseppe Zanotti who will launch the limited edition Cobras sneakers, Tommy Hilfiger with his virtual NFT and Hogan clothes, which will give a great after party. And yet Phillip Plein , Dolce and Gabbana , Hugo Boss and many others.

When will MVFW 2022 be held and how to participate

The Metaverse Fashion Week 2022 is held for five days from 23 to 27 March : to participate you just need to have an avatar that will be created on the Decentraland Foundation platform, which hosts the event completely free of charge. Behind the birth of this initiative there is also the need to raise Gen Z more and more awareness of the importance of sustainable fashion and the brands themselves, which in this way are stimulated to create original and technological outfits and initiatives , so as to impacting less and less on the environment.

This is why creative directors, brands and fashion houses have enthusiastically welcomed an initiative that makes fashion addicted happy, retaining and involving their audience more and more, and allows them to think of a physical and virtual fashion universe in symbiosis and different.

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