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What is dysbiosis and what causes it?

belly pain

Let’s find out what dysbiosis is, what are the symptoms that accompany this condition and what remedies can be adopted.

When we talk about dysbiosis or more precisely of intestinal dysbiosis, we refer to a condition in which there is an alteration of the intestinal flora. This alteration of balance can be caused by various causes, even a change in diet and a tendency to excess can alter the microflora . But what are the consequences, what symptoms characterize this condition? Let’s first look at the role of microorganisms in the intestine and then find out what symptoms characterize this alteration.

Intestinal dysbiosis: what is it?

An imbalance of the intestinal flora can lead to digestive disorders, but to understand the causes we need to know what the role of these bacteria is. Not all bacteria are “bad”, but those that are part of our intestinal flora are to be considered as good bacteria.

belly pain
belly pain

These microorganisms, in fact, help us protect ourselves from pathogenic bacteria, contribute to digestion and absorption of nutrients and also come to our aid by producing vitamins that are very important for our body, such as vitamin K. What happens, but if the bacterial flora is altered? When potentially pathogenic microorganisms increase at the expense of protective ones, grastrointestinal disorders can occur, let’s see what are the most common symptoms.

Intestinal dysbiosis: symptoms and treatment

The signs that characterize this condition are manifested above all at the gastrointestinal level. An alteration of the flora can therefore manifest itself with digestion problems, stomach bloating, but also excessive gas production with consequent meteorism and flatulence. Among the consequences we also find malabsorption and lack of vitamins , especially those that, as we said, are produced by the bacterial flora, such as vitamins B and K.

The treatment for dysbiosis can be extended on several fronts, on the one hand there are the dietary precautions, the diet, in fact, plays an important role on the balance of the bacterial flora. A healthy diet can therefore also be ideal for preventing this condition in the future. On the other hand, it is possible to restore the balance of the intestinal flora using probiotic -based supplements.

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