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What’s the best way to pack clothes?


How to pack clothes: tips for folding them without creasing them and letting them in without too many problems.

Every trip is the same story: what do I carry and how do I get everything I need into such a poor trolley? Whether it is for the small size of the hand luggage, or simply for the desire not to crease the clothes during the trip, we have all asked ourselves at least once in our life how to put clothes in the suitcase. For some, the apparently simplest operation in the world becomes a real undertaking , a challenge in search of perfection. If you need advice to try to remove any doubts, in this article we will try to give you a hand. Ready to go?

What to pack

The first thing to do, when you are about to leave, is to understand what to bring with you. Let's face it: not everything is really necessary for our trip, and often, if not always, we bring with us things that we do not use at all, and that remain in the suitcase to take up space, or even worse are forgotten in the hotel. The first advice is therefore to make a list of what you need and insert only the one inside your suitcase, rationalizing the number of items.


In general, a change of shirts and underwear per day , a change of pants every two or three days, one or two heavier shirts and, at most, a change of shoes could be enough. If then something else comes in, you can opt for an emergency change, but remember that laundries exist everywhere, in the worst case scenario.

How to fold clothes in a suitcase

We now come to the center of the discussion: how to put everything we have selected inside a suitcase that, more often than not, will be smaller than what would be necessary. In fact, no one wants to take a suit on vacation that, once the trolley is opened, will be so wrinkled as to be unusable. Fortunately, there are methods to fold each item of clothing that most of the time protect you from this risk.

To carry T- shirts and sweatshirts , for example, you can opt for the package fold. In a nutshell, instead of putting them in the suitcase folded in half the length, you have to fold them so that they become smaller, and maybe they can also be placed vertically in the luggage.

Much more complicated is the question when it comes to folding shirts . Some creases are inevitable, unfortunately, but if we want to wear them at all costs, after having ironed them well, perhaps with a little starch, we have to button them, turn them down, fold the sides and sleeves and fold each shirt starting from the bottom. A similar procedure can also be used for jackets . All this to try to store these items of clothing vertically as well.

We come to the clothes chapter. In this case it is necessary to make a distinction. If the dress is soft, it can simply be wrapped like a scarf. If, on the other hand, it is structured, you have to use the same method already seen for t-shirts. After having stretched it, we bend the hips well and fold it several times on itself.

We close with pants , the garment that gives you the least problems. Just wrap the legs on themselves every 15-20 centimeters without forming folds in the fabric and we will easily be able to put them in the suitcase without taking up much space.

Below is a video that explains in detail what the method we have illustrated consists of:

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