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Wheezing in pregnancy: everything you need to know about it

wheezing pregnancy

In case of wheezing during pregnancy, it is very important to know the causes and possible treatments. Here are the most important notions.

Suffering from shortness of breath during pregnancy can be completely normal. However, given the very delicate condition it is also important to consider it as an aspect to be monitored in order to be able to grasp any underlying problems . Although the difficulty in breathing during pregnancy is often dictated by the pressure of the organs (which also include the lungs), in some cases, it can also be a symptom of a pathology that if not recognized could lead to complications .

Why breathlessness occurs in pregnancy

As already mentioned, shortness of breath in pregnancy can be more than normal. It may in fact depend on various factors, some of which are closely linked to the state of the pregnant woman.

wheezing pregnancy
wheezing pregnancy

Among the most common causes there are in fact, the increase in volume of the uterus with the consequent crushing of the diaphragm and, obviously, the growth of the child. For these reasons, the extent of shortness of breath tends to change according to the period of gestation.

In some cases, however, shortness of breath or dyspnea in pregnancy can also indicate more serious diseases such as anemia, iron deficiency or other problems related to the woman or the pregnancy itself. For this reason, it is always very important to talk about the problem with your doctor. In this way, in case of problems, it will be possible to act in time and trace the cause, thus preparing the right type of therapy.

What to do when you are short of breath in pregnancy

The sense of breathlessness in pregnancy must always be controlled and calmed. In addition to contacting the doctor, it is therefore very important to rest and try to catch your breath as quickly as possible. Making an effort to inhale and exhale slowly and deeply can also help. And at the same time, so are the breathing exercises that are often done during the pre-birth course.

Obviously, prevention is always the best way. In pregnancy it would therefore be very important to avoid unnecessary effort. Furthermore, if breathing is difficult even when standing still, you can sit or lie down in a position that is as comfortable as possible and with several cushions placed behind your back in order to raise it. This should help you breathe better.

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