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White discharge in pregnancy: what they depend on and what they mean

medical examination

White discharge in pregnancy is a normal condition that can have several meanings. Let's find out which are the main ones.

White discharge in pregnancy refers to the discharge of whitish discharge usually without related symptoms. Also known as leukorrhea gravidarum , they are therefore a normal phenomenon and closely linked to the various changes in the woman's body. Among the many types of discharge, white mucus in pregnancy obviously has its own meaning that is still good to know. So here's what you need to know about it.

Whitish discharge in pregnancy: what they depend on

Losses are physiological and can occur at any time in a woman's life. In the presence of hormonal variations, however, they tend to be more present.

medical examination
medical examination

For this reason, in their presence the doubt easily arises about finding themselves in front of white discharge in pregnancy or on the coming period. A doubt that is usually resolved quickly with a test and with the careful observation of other symptoms such as a rise in temperature, fatigue, stomach ache , etc …

Going, instead, to dense white losses in pregnancy, these almost always act as a protection for the fetus, removing any possible bacteria and consequently the risk of developing infections . Their presence is therefore more than normal and even positive, unless of course, of not arriving in association with other symptoms that may indicate other causes.

When to worry about white discharge in pregnancy

While heavy white discharge may indicate the onset of pregnancy and its course, it is important to remember that they must remain asymptomatic. If they are associated with burning, pain or bad smells it is possible that in addition to a pregnancy there are also infections or other problems in progress. In this case it is very important to contact your doctor immediately in order to understand the origin of the problem and to implement the most suitable treatment as soon as possible.

In pregnancy, as at any time in life, paying attention to every small change in your body is extremely important. And all in order to be able to act promptly and avoid that initially small problems become more serious. An indispensable factor to always keep yourself in good health.

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