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White dots on the lips: what they are and how to act when they arise

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White spots on the lips are a more common problem than you think and undoubtedly annoying. Let's find out what they depend on.

The appearance of white dots on the lips can indicate both an aesthetic and physiological problem. In some cases, in fact, their appearance can be linked to problems that should be analyzed by a dermatologist . Going more specifically, they can appear together with an itchy sensation and in rare cases with widespread pain on the lips. In other circumstances, they can turn into real raised spots on the skin or bubbles .

What white specks on the lips can indicate

Going to the problems usually related to bubbles on the lips, these can be a manifestation of other problems. In some cases, they are associated with bubbles that also occur inside the mouth.

girl mouth
girl mouth

Common causes include colds , digestive problems, constipation, smoking abuse, allergic reactions, herpes and in rarer cases HIV.
For this reason it is really important to ask your doctor for an opinion and to evaluate a visit to the dermatologist. By doing this, it will be possible to trace the exact cause and this will help to find the right treatment.

How to act in case of white spots on the lips

Whether it is spots or white spots on the upper lip, if it is simple irritation, you can apply Aloe vera gel, known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This also helps soothe any itchiness and can help reduce swelling, making the problem less visible.

Olive oil and tea tree oil are also very useful natural remedies. Nevertheless, these are methods that can help the symptoms. The only way to solve the problem is to trace the cause and then solve it. This way you will avoid having to fight the same problem several times.

In general, while performing the tests to trace the causes, it is possible to change your lifestyle , take better care of the hygiene of the mouth and consume light and non-inflammatory foods. By doing so, the problem can be alleviated at least a little.

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