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Aloe: properties and benefits of the plant, a precious ally for weight loss


Aloe is the basis of numerous natural remedies aimed at promoting well-being and stimulating weight loss: here are all its virtues and where to find the best products.


The ancient Egyptians defined Aloe as the “plant of immortality”, appreciating its many virtues and exploring all its healing properties , which are still widely used today. The botanical genus Aloe includes about 350 species, however the best known are undoubtedly Aloe vera and Aloe Arborescens , both evergreens characterized by fatty foliage and the ability to generate numerous health benefits .

If on the one hand Aloe vera is the most widespread variety, on the other hand the Arborescens type boasts superior phytotherapeutic properties although it is less known than the first. In any case, Aloe represents a precious ally to promote well-being and to create excellent natural remedies .

Aloe vera and Aloe Arborescens in comparison

Aloe vera has succulent leaves that are very rich in gel. The juice extracted from the plant boasts numerous properties, essential above all to favor the elimination of toxins and accelerate the healing process.

Its benefits involve the immune system , the gastrointestinal system and the cardiovascular system. It is also very useful for the protection of the teeth and for the well-being of the skin, but also to soothe some ailments such as acne and skin irritations.

Aloe Arborescens, on the other hand, contains over three hundred nutrients, including vitamins, mineral salts, enzymes and amino acids. It is very useful to counteract the side effects of drugs on the digestive system, to eliminate toxins and stimulate the metabolism . Its external use, on the other hand, ranges from the prevention of damage caused by the sun’s rays to the moisturizing and soothing effect.

In addition to being a powerful immunomodulating agent, it performs an antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral function but also anti-inflammatory and healing, promoting skin re-epithelialization.

How to use Aloe for weight loss

One of the most appreciated uses of Aloe concerns the contribution offered by this plant to aid weight loss . Aloe vera juice, in particular, is considered one of the greatest purifiers of the body and boasts a remarkable detox potential , thanks to the vitamins and minerals present within it.

Furthermore, Aloe juice promotes the proper functioning of the intestine and boasts an essential laxative effect to combat constipation. By helping the metabolism to speed up, Aloe juice also stimulates the weight loss process and the elimination of toxic substances present in the body.

Where to find the best Aloe-based products

The ecosystem in which the Aloe plants grow is essential to exploit all the active ingredients in an optimal way, in full respect of nature and the environment. Precisely for this reason the AloeVonderweid group, direct growers of Aloe Arborescens and Aloe Vera since 1997, has chosen to grow these plants under the Sicilian sun only with organic farming methods.


AloeVonderweid , a company founded by Maurizio de Vonderweid who was the first to start an experimental cultivation of Aloe Arborescens on the Trieste coast, is involved in making completely natural products based on Aloe.

The natural remedies offered through the e-commerce portal , in fact, are created with carefully selected 100% organic ingredients. Once the plants have reached maturity, the leaves are harvested manually, trying to use the freshest possible raw material.

Just to give a few examples, AloeVonderweid has been producing the Aloe Arborescens preparation in the classic recipe of the Friar for more than 20 years, better known as Father Zago’s Recipe.

new brother aloe
Juice new aloe

Aloe Arborescens juice, on the other hand, contains exclusively the internal gel of Aloe leaves extracted by hand and then blended, in order to preserve its precious content based on vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, C, E, folic acid and niacin.

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