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Caipiroska, the cocktail recipe for aperitifs and after dinner


Let's find out how caipiroska is prepared from the ingredients to the procedure and then delve into its most famous flavors.

The caipiroska is a so-called pounded cocktail, that is to say that the basic ingredients that compose it, that is the lime and the light brown sugar , are lent to the bottom of a glass into which the vodka , the part alcoholic cocktail, and ice . The caipiroska prepared with the basic recipe does not include anything else.

However, there are different flavors of caipiroska: undoubtedly the most famous are strawberry and peach. In fact, the delicate taste of this fruit goes perfectly with the strong one of vodka. The last thing you should know before you start making caipiroska is that the perfect glass for this drink is the tumbler . But let's see together all the steps that separate you from preparing for the best of your life.


How to prepare the caipiroska recipe

  1. First, wash the lime well and cut it into rather small pieces . We do not recommend simply making wedges because the amount of juice that you will be able to extract would be small. Transfer the lime into the glass together with the brown sugar and mash everything well with the special pestle. Speaking of sugar: we advise you to use light brown sugar because it has less effort to melt in contact with vodka.
  2. Coarsely chop the ice and fill the glass to the brim. Then pour the vodka and with the help of a small stick mix everything well. Serve decorating the glass with a slice of lime.

As you can see, the ingredients of caipiroska are very few. The more experienced then will have noticed that it looks a lot like caipirinha : there the vodka is replaced with cachaça, a distillate obtained from sugar cane.

As for the different flavors of caipiroska, undoubtedly the most famous are peach and strawberry but do not forget that the basic recipe is the one we have proposed today.


This cocktail is not suitable for storage. Prepare it and consume it immediately .

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