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Cellulite and orange peel skin: how to fight it in 4 steps


Cellulite is a problem that afflicts most women and which presents itself with the classic orange peel skin: a real imperfection, as hated as it is difficult to eliminate.

There are very few women who are lucky enough not to have cellulite, because this is a problem that spares no one and that affects even the thinnest. Fortunately, however, nowadays we have several remedies available to deal with this imperfection and it must be admitted that some of these prove to be really effective.

So let’s see together how to eliminate orange peel skin in 4 steps.


# 1 Drink lots of water

This is certainly not new, yet it remains one of the golden rules to be able to fight cellulite. In fact, drinking a lot of water allows you to eliminate excess fluids and therefore counteract water retention , which is the main cause of orange peel skin. The amount of water you should take every day varies from person to person and care must also be taken not to overdo it. If the urine appears completely transparent, then it means that you are drinking too much and it is better to adjust accordingly, because you risk losses of mineral salts and other important nutrients.

# 2 Limit the salt

A real enemy of women who want to fight cellulite is salt. If it is consumed in excess, it can contribute to water retention as it retains a lot of water. You should therefore avoid eating excessively sodium-rich foods : decrease the amount of salt in dishes and reduce the consumption of sausages and very salty foods.

# 3 Wear draining leggings

Very useful to fight cellulite and orange peel skin are the draining leggings for circulation , which act from the outside by exerting a micro-massage on the skin. This stimulates blood circulation, counteracting the stagnation of excess fluids and consequently also cellulite. The draining leggings are among the most recommended products to quickly and effectively alleviate the imperfection of the orange peel skin : they tone the skin and also help to solve other problems, such as the feeling of tired legs and swelling.

# 4 Apply cellulite creams

Anti-cellulite creams deserve a separate discussion, as if it is true that effective products are found on the market, it is equally true that there are also completely useless creams. Unfortunately, it is not easy to understand which are the best products to combat cellulite, unless pharmaceutical ones are used. Beyond all the disquisitions that can be made about anti-cellulite creams, however, it is good to make an important clarification: it is not so much the ingredients contained in the product that make the difference in terms of effectiveness, but the way in which the cream is applied. . You should always practice a deep massage, just to stimulate circulation and this is what allows you to reduce the orange peel skin. This massage combined with the targeted actions described above can help fight cellulite blemishes.

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