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Chicken with walnuts: a super creamy dish

Chicken with walnuts

Chicken with walnuts makes a good impression if you have guests for lunch or dinner and you don’t have much time to sit behind the stove.

Chicken breast with walnuts is a recipe of Chinese origin and represents a very simple main course of meat to prepare, but really very tasty. A positive note of this preparation is that it does not take much time , but is done in a few minutes. For this easy recipe we used chicken breast slices which, however, must not be too thin, otherwise they will become too dry during cooking. Alternatively, you can also use chicken nuggets, after we will explain how. Now let’s see in detail how to prepare creamy chicken breast with walnuts.

Chicken with walnuts
Chicken with walnuts

Preparing the recipe for chicken with walnuts

  1. To prepare excellent scallops you will need slices of chicken breast cut not too thin, otherwise they will become too dry during cooking. Therefore, if you have a whole chicken breast, cut thick slices or, otherwise, have them prepared directly in the butcher’s shop.
  2. Arrange the flour on a saucer and proceed by carefully flour all the slices of chicken breast and set them aside.
  3. At this point, put half the walnut kernels and the milk in a blender .
  4. In a fairly large pan, melt a knob of butter and arrange the previously floured chicken slices spaced apart, it is very important that they do not overlap. Cook them over high heat for a few minutes per side.
  5. When the chicken breast is well browned on both sides, add the milk with the walnuts , the remaining walnuts, season with salt and mix.
  6. At this point, lower the heat to low and cook the meat for another 10-15 minutes . If the sauce becomes too dry during cooking, add a little more milk.
  7. When the chicken breast is ready, remove it from the pan and serve hot with the cream of milk and walnuts and a few kernels as decoration.

In order to obtain chicken nuggets with walnuts, proceed as per the recipe by replacing the slices of chicken breast with the nuggets. To make these last ones, boneless chicken thighs are recommended because they are more tender.


This fast meat main course is excellent to be eaten freshly prepared, but if you have any leftover you can keep it in the fridge for 2 days and reheat it if necessary.

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