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Curls without plate: the tips to have perfect curls


Being able to have curls without a plate is the dream of many. Especially with the approach of the first heat. Let’s find out together the most useful methods to put into practice.

When it starts to get hot, being able to boast of curls without a plate becomes a necessity for many. The heat released, in fact, often leads to sweat and to obtain a not exactly optimal result.
Fortunately, there are several ways to get curls without a straightener and hairdryer. Methods that will help you feel at the top without having to suffer from the heat and without stressing your hair too much.

How to get curls without using the straightener

Although the use of plates , babyliss and other similar tools has always been the best choice to obtain well-defined curls, having alternative techniques is always useful, especially for the heat that does not help the hair.


Among the many there are the sponge curlers that can be applied in the evening to end up with hair full of curls in the morning. What matters is to arrange them so that they are vertically and not horizontally. Once awake, just take them off and comb them with your hands to get a flowing hair.

Even with clothespins you can get the same result, and all super fast.
What matters is to wear a headset in order to protect yourself from any movement of the same during the night.

How to do curly hair at home quickly and easily

If instead of curls you really want curls, the good news is that you can make curly hair without an iron. The methods are similar to those listed above but in some ways softer.
You can always put on the sponge curlers , simply making them tighter. Alternatively, you can use pieces of fabric or paper on which to roll the hair making a final knot to secure everything.

In the morning, just heat the hair for a moment with the hairdryer (optional option) and remove the strips. The hair will be curly to the right point and you can evaluate whether to leave it as it is or make it more natural by combing it with your hands upside down.

Doing curls without heat is also a way to protect the hair and to give it more vitality and energy. One more reason to try these alternative but effective methods.

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