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Excess skin: here are the most effective solutions

excess skin

Excess skin is one of the problems with losing a lot of weight. Let’s find out how to deal with it and what are the remedies that work.

Suffering from excess skin is a common problem for anyone who has found themselves losing a lot of weight either after pregnancy or as a result of weight gain caused by other reasons. Unfortunately, that of excess skin after weight loss is still a problem that many do not think about and that once you lose weight emerges bringing with it a strong disappointment. Finding yourself with loose skin after so much effort is in fact not very pleasant and sometimes the imperfection can be such that weight loss seems almost useless. Fortunately, there are ways to get your skin back after weight loss.

How to remove excess skin without surgery

Typically, surgery is without a doubt the easiest and fastest way to reduce extra skin. Which in case of extreme weight loss and occurred right in the operating room can also become the most suitable solution.

excess skin
excess skin

While your weight loss hasn’t been extremely excessive, you are still young enough and want to take on a new challenge, there are several ways to get rid of excess skin on your stomach and elsewhere. The first is undoubtedly physical activity. In fact, working with weights and fortifying the body helps the muscles to swell and take up some space, offering a healthy and rounded image. It is also very important to work on the elasticity of the skin. This can be done through massages , supplements and a healthy diet based on foods rich in vitamins, water andcollagen .

Excess skin on the abdomen – the most effective remedies

Regarding how to eliminate excess skin on the abdomen, it is very important to engage more with physical activity, taking into account the possibility of having to wait some time before being able to count on evident results. This also applies to excess skin on the male abdomen.
By eating well, doing push-ups and targeted exercises (preferably with the help of a personal trainer) and eating correctly, you can in fact count on important results.

Obviously, the same vary according to the weight that has been lost, to one’s physical condition and to any existing pathologies. In order to act in a targeted way, the advice is to get help from a nutritionist to learn which foods to include and from a personal trainer for the right physical activity.

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