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Fresh watermelon juice: the fastest summer recipe!

watermelon juice

The thirst-quenching watermelon juice recipe is perfect for recharging your energy. Here's how to prepare this drink in just a few minutes.

Do you want to know how to make watermelon juice? You are in the right place because here we explain how to prepare a delicious drink , its properties and the best combinations to enrich the juice. Watermelon has always been one of the symbolic fruits of summer, it is rich in vitamins and minerals . As well as one of the most refreshing and purifying fruits there are, as it is composed of almost 93% water .

Below we explain how to prepare the drink with the addition of lemon juice , but if you prefer you can also use lime . As an alternative to natural water you can use sparkling water or soda .

watermelon juice
watermelon juice

Preparation of watermelon juice

  1. To make this watermelon juice, start by depriving the fruit of the peel and seeds until you get the necessary amount of pulp . Transfer the watermelon into a fairly large blender and blend everything in order to obtain a fluid puree .
  2. Filter the watermelon puree with a fine mesh strainer or a sieve so as to eliminate the most fibrous parts. Squeeze the lemon and also strain its juice. Combine the two juices and mix.
  3. At this point, take three glasses , put two mint leaves on the bottom of each and mash them with a pestle or spoon. Add a few ice cubes and distribute the lemon and watermelon juice in the three glasses.
  4. Add as much water as almost enough to fill the glasses. Decorate with more fresh mint leaves to taste and enjoy your summer juice immediately!


We advise you to keep the juice prepared in this way immediately after preparation in order to fully enjoy the beneficial properties of the fruit. Alternatively, we can explain how to freeze watermelon juice if you have plenty of fruit. The ideal is to keep the lemon and watermelon juice for no more than two months in a container suitable for the freezer and with enough space for the juice.

If you want to keep the watermelon for longer, we recommend that you try the watermelon jam .

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