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Here is a greedy Sicilian dessert: the fedora cake

fedora cake

Among the quick desserts there is one that you do not expect, the Sicilian fedora cake: two layers of sponge cake filled with ricotta cream and well decorated.

The fedora cake is a typical Sicilian product, in particular from the Catania area. Until recently, with its baroque appearance, it decorated the shop windows of pastry shops along with other regional delicacies. Today, this ancient Sicilian cake is disappearing a bit and yet, either for the taste, or for the simplicity of preparation , the Sicilian fedora cake with the original recipe really deserves to be tried.

The sweet fedora cake is made up of two discs of sponge cake filled with ricotta cream (usually sheep’s milk), enriched with chocolate chips . Everything is then decorated with sliced ​​almonds and chopped pistachios. The result is a perfect dessert for all occasions, even the most important ones.

fedora cake
fedora cake

How to prepare the fedora cake recipe

  1. First, prepare the sponge cake . Separate the egg whites from the yolks and whip the first with an electric whisk until they are light and fluffy. Then add the sugar a little at a time, always stirring and season with the lemon zest.
  2. Then add, one at a time and always with the whisk in action, the egg yolks.
  3. Finally, add the sifted flour with the starch, mixing from bottom to top with a kitchen spatula.
  4. Pour the mixture into a 20 cm mold lined with parchment paper and bake at 175 ° C for 30 minutes.
  5. In the meantime, dedicate yourself to the cream . Sift the ricotta and mix it with the icing sugar then add the chocolate chips and transfer everything first to a pastry bag and then to the refrigerator.
  6. Also prepare the syrup by putting water, sugar and orange zest in a saucepan and letting it boil for 10 minutes. Once cold, add the orange liqueur (or rum).
  7. Now that all the components of the ricotta fedora cake are ready, all that remains is to assemble the dessert . Make two discs from the sponge cake and place the first one on a serving dish. Soak it with the prepared syrup then cover with a 2 cm layer of cream . Place the other disc of sponge cake, also well soaked. Cover the cake with a thin layer of cream then create tufts on the surface.
  8. Adhere the sliced ​​almonds along the side walls, decorate the upper one with chopped pistachios and cherries and that’s it. To make it even more delicious, we have added chocolate flakes over the entire surface.

Try another typical Sicilian delight, the cannolo which, with its ricotta filling, is very reminiscent of this recipe.


The fedora cake can be kept in the refrigerator, under a cake bell, for 2-3 days . We advise you to bring it back to room temperature before consuming it.

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