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How to take a good selfie with your smartphone

selfie woman phone

Even an imperfect selfie can become a flawless self-portrait: here are the rules to follow and some useful tricks.

What's the secret to taking the perfect selfie ? The variables that come into play are many, from the type of smartphone available to the light used, from the position of the subject to the background . The latter plays a fundamental role and the choice should never be left to chance, however fortunately there are some easy-to-use online resources that allow you to customize and modify everything in the background.

Taking a good selfie, in fact, is not as simple as it seems. Unless you use a practical extendable rod (the so-called selfie stick ), the proximity of the camera requires special attention and the use of some useful strategies to obtain an optimal result, minimizing any imperfections.

selfie woman phone

The rules of the perfect self-timer

To achieve a flawless self-timer you need to pay attention to some factors that greatly affect the result. The first aspect to evaluate, for example, is the purpose of the selfie: is it a shot to be taken for leisure or for professional purposes ? In the latter case it is very important to take care of the details to perfection, especially the chosen clothing and the background, but there are also some general aspects that need to be taken into consideration:

  • look for the right light , dosing the lighting in an optimal way and avoiding creating shadows especially on the face, both as regards natural light and artificial sources;
  • choose the shot well , holding the smartphone slightly higher than seen and holding the arm with which you hold the device or the extensible rod well;
  • use a smartphone with a good quality camera ,
  • take care of your physical appearance in the best possible way, especially if you want to get a formal self-timer to be used in a professional environment;
  • avoid winking and unnatural facial expressions , trying instead to show oneself without filters and superstructures but choosing the best side of oneself to enhance;
  • avoid choosing a background that is too chaotic and full of details, which could divert attention from the protagonist or the protagonists of the selfie.

Flawless selfie: how to remove the background

If the goal is to get a perfect selfie that highlights the person, it can be very useful to use a handy online tool that allows you to remove the background quickly and easily.

By connecting to the site , in fact, you can easily access a free tool to remove backgrounds from images, a resource designed to meet the needs of those who are not very familiar with technology and graphics software.

Bgremover allows you to get HD images with transparent backgrounds , eliminating any type of background in a very professional way. It is an AI-based background removal tool that supports uploads of JPG, JPEG and PNG files. After removing the background, it also allows you to download the image with a transparent background in PNG format.

To use the tool it is therefore not necessary to be an expert designer, saving time and money without having to give up a quality result. It only takes a few seconds to eliminate the backgrounds from the selfies, even if the shots are particularly detailed: a precise algorithm, in fact, analyzes the image and identifying the foreground isolates it precisely.

With Bgremover, even an imperfect selfie can easily be transformed into a flawless self-timer, to be used for any purpose.

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