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Let’s try a tasty and unusual second course: the Calabrian snails

Calabrian snails

Stewed Calabrian snails are a very tasty and perfect traditional recipe to prepare in autumn.

Recipes with snails just can’t get everyone to agree. After all, a certain openness of mind is needed to overcome the barrier of reticence and try this typical product so tasty. We are talking about Calabrian snails or snails with a strong and spicy flavor. In fact, chillies are used not only to flavor the recipe but also to partially mask the flavor of the snails.

In Calabrian snails are also called vermituri so this dish of stewed Calabrian snails is also known as vermituri Catanzaresi. They are usually prepared in autumn when these little animals appear together with the first rains and the collectors are preparing to stock up on them. Our advice, however, is to use already cleaned and shelled snails to shorten preparation times and be sure of the final result.

Calabrian snails
Calabrian snails

How to prepare the recipe for Calabrian snails

  1. First, finely chop the two onions and brown them in a pan with oil.
  2. Add the cleaned and shelled snails and brown them over high heat for a minute.
  3. Flavor with the chilli powder (if it has to feel but adjust according to your tastes), pour as much boiling water as needed to cover the snails and cook for 45 minutes with the lid , adjusting with salt.
  4. Then add the tomato paste and oregano and cook for another couple of minutes.
  5. Serve with slices of toast and season with a drizzle of raw oil.

If you decide to buy fresh snails, here are our tips on how to clean them . It will take a little longer but you can say that you have made the recipe from scratch.


Calabrian snails can be kept in the refrigerator for 1-2 days. We advise you to heat them in a pan before consuming them.

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