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Luigia herb liqueur, the homemade digestive

Luigia herb liqueur

Luigia herb liqueur is a pleasant digestive of lemon verbena with an intense scent reminiscent of lemon tones.

The Luigia herb liqueur is a typical Ligurian digestive that tends to greenish or yellow-golden depending on the leaves, produced precisely with the leaves of the lemon verbena . It is a plant with an intense lemon scent, also known as a digestive liqueur with Luisa grass, limoncina, lemon grass or fragrant verbena. It is presented as a valid alternative to the usual limoncello, differing from its slightly lower alcohol content which is around 30 ° .

The best time to collect the leaves of this plant and prepare the digestive recipe is in late summer. Delicate and rich in beneficial properties , you can enjoy the lemon verbena liqueur as a fresh digestive after meals.

Luigia herb liqueur
Luigia herb liqueur

Preparation of the Luigia herb liqueur recipe

  1. Wash the Luigia grass leaves under running water and let them drain .
  2. Wash the lemons well and collect the peel with a potato peeler , without touching the white part.
  3. Take an airtight container and insert the leaves, lemon zest and alcohol, leaving it to infuse for about 15 days with the lid closed.
  4. Meanwhile, shake the container 1 or 2 times a day .
  5. After the time has elapsed, take a saucepan and heat the water with the sugar inside.
  6. Turn off the heat and let the syrup cool.
  7. Strain the alcohol with a sieve , which by now will have taken the desired color, combining it with the syrup.
  8. Bottle and let it rest for two weeks .
  9. Let us know your result, you will be delighted!

Properties of Luigia herb liqueur

The scent and taste of this liqueur are reminiscent of lemon, and with it it also brings its digestive, antispasmodic and relaxing properties . The leaves of Luigia grass also stimulate the appetite, promote digestion and counteract stomach pains. They can also be used to make decongestant compresses for the eyes or to obtain a tonic water for face care. It is possible to collect lemon verbena in summer, dry it and use it in winter, not only for making your liqueur but also to prepare relaxing herbal teas to help you sleep.


You can keep your lemon verbena liqueur in the refrigerator or freezer, so as to serve it very cold.

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