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Persimmon jam with the Thermomix: the quick recipe for autumn!

Persimmon jam

Good with bread, to fill sweets and biscuits and quick to make thanks to the food processor: persimmon jam with the Thermomix will have no more secrets!

Jam is one of the best and most delicious products that must never be missing at home. Making them at home is quite simple, especially if you have our beloved food processor available, which also gives us a great hand in optimizing times. What we will prepare today is the persimmon jam with the Thermomix, excellent to eat alone, spread on bread or rusks, but also suitable for the preparation of stuffed biscuits, pies and cakes .

For this recipe we have decided not to add alcohol, so as to be suitable even for the little ones . To make the jam even tastier and improve its texture, in addition to persimmons, we have also added an apple. By following all our instructions step by step , the result is guaranteed. Here, then, is everything you need to prepare persimmon jam with the Thermomix.

Persimmon jam
Persimmon jam

Preparation of persimmon jam with the Thermomix

  1. The first thing to do is to wash the fruits. Then carefully wash the persimmons, apple and lemon.
  2. With the help of a knife, peel and clean the persimmons, also removing the core. Do this with a bowl underneath to collect any liquid that will come out of the fruit .
  3. Also peel the apple and remove the core.
  4. Peel the lemon and squeeze the juice into a container and set aside.
  5. Put the sugar, lemon zest and vanilla pod inside the bowl.
  6. Blend everything at turbo speed for 20 seconds.
  7. Then, add the persimmons, the apple cut into chunks, the lemon juice and the cinnamon.
  8. Close the Thermomix and run it at speed 6 for 10 seconds. Let the mixture rest for 2 minutes.
  9. At this point you can cook the jam , setting speed 2, at 100 ° C for 45 minutes . Place the basket on the mug to keep your jam from overflowing. However, you need to check it often and if you notice it is about to escape, lower the temperature to 90ºC .
  10. At the end of the cooking time, take a little bit of jam with a teaspoon and put it in a saucer, if it is ready, otherwise let it cook for another 5 minutes.
  11. Pour the persimmon jam into the previously sterilized jars and keep them upside down until they have cooled completely.

Characteristics of persimmon

Persimmon jam allows us to preserve this fruit with a particular flavor for longer. Persimmons are typical of the autumn period, excellent to eat even when they are very ripe , thanks to their sweetness. This fruit is also known to have various beneficial properties and is particularly suitable for the change of season when the body is subjected to greater stress , exhaustion and can suffer from various ailments.

For this reason, when this fruit abounds, we can delight in preparing a good jam.


Closed in airtight jars, this jam can be stored for 9 months . Once opened, however, it should be placed in the fridge and consumed in 3 or 4 days .

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