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Sicilian almond granita: how to prepare it with or without ice cream maker

granita with almonds

The Sicilian almond granita is one of the best known thanks to its particular texture. The original recipe can be prepared both with and without an ice cream maker.

You can prepare almond granita both with whole almonds and with almond paste: if you make it with whole almonds you will get a coarser but very fragrant mixture, with the dough instead a more homogeneous and quick to prepare mixture. Usually the almond granita is eaten for breakfast, or snack, accompanied by a brioche.

We show you how to make the Sicilian almond granita recipe with the almond stick, both bought and homemade. Of course, if you buy the ready-made dough, you will only follow the last part of the procedure.
The preparation is easy and this drink will be just the right creamy and not too cloying !

granita with almonds

How to make almond granita

First, prepare the almond paste stick . Then start with 150 g of almonds and the same amount of sugar: blend everything by adding cold water as required (calculate about 40 ml). This way you will get the right amount for the recipe. It is the same if you buy a ready-made block .

  1. Cut the 300 g of almond paste into pieces and place them in a tall bowl.
  2. Add the water and a pinch of salt .
  3. Blend everything first slowly and then to the maximum, in order to make the mixture fluffy and completely melt the almond stick.
  4. To get an authentic flavor you will need to strain the mixture . In this way, in fact, you will get a smoother and creamier slush and without residues that can cause discomfort. Once filtered, you will get the liquid for the almond granita on one side and the almond pulp on the other. The advice is to keep it aside to prepare the almond biscuits .
  5. Put the almond liquid in the freezer for 1 hour and break the ice crystals with a hand whisk, even if you use the ice cream maker.
  6. To make the almond granita without ice cream maker every 30 minutes you will have to turn the mixture in the freezer with the hand whisk , in order to break the ice crystals well. Slowly your granita will take on consistency, remaining creamy. It will take about 4 hours .

Almond granita with ice cream maker

  1. For the almond granita with ice cream maker , follow the recipe indicated up to point 5.
  2. Then, just insert the cold mixture into the ice cream maker and operate it for 30 minutes .

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Keep the Sicilian granita in the freezer for about a month . Before tasting it, it will be necessary to remove it from the freezer 10 minutes beforehand and then break the crystals by blending it to get it back to the right consistency.

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