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Recipes3 weeks ago

Baccalà alla cappuccina: a rich dish of the Italian tradition

Cod alla cappuccina is a delicious dish based on fish and polenta, typical of the cuisine of Friuli and Veneto....

Health3 weeks ago

Blood loss before your period: what they can indicate

Bleeding before your period can be completely normal. Let's find out why it happens and how to act. When we...

Recipes3 weeks ago

Trout in foil: for a simple and tasty fish dish!

We enjoy a light but very tasty second course, trout in foil, easy to prepare and ideal for fish lovers....

Recipes3 weeks ago

Let’s prepare the babka, the Jewish cake in the shape of a braid

Babka is a leavened cake rich in taste and which is becoming more and more known also in Italy. Let's...

Recipes3 weeks ago

Chickpea cutlet: ingredients and tips for preparing a special dish

The chickpea cutlet recipe is specially designed for those looking for a delicious dish to alternate with meat or fish...

Fashion3 weeks ago

Trend Alert 2022 Balenciaga: when shoelaces become earrings

Balenciaga seems to have got a taste for anticipating the fashion trends of the season: the laced earrings promise to...

Recipes3 weeks ago

Neapolitan calamarata: a delicious recipe, to try!

The calamarata con calamari is a fun first course, which plays both in name and in appearance with the similarity...

Health3 weeks ago

Alitiasic cholecystopathy: recognizing the symptoms immediately avoids severe pain

Alithiasic cholecystopathy is a pathology that manifests itself with specific symptoms and is easily treatable. Let's see causes and treatment....