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5 beauty products to take absolutely to the sea!

girl by the sea

The beach beauty case must be filled with specific products to protect skin and hair from the sun's rays. Here are the must haves!

When we leave for the holidays or when we have to spend a day at the beach or in the pool with friends, we often find ourselves thinking about what could come in handy during the day. The beach beauty case is one of the accessories that can't be missing in your bag: even at the beach, in fact, our skin and our hair need lots of small but precious attention. From protective cream to hair spray: here are the must-haves to never forget!

Products to take to the beach: 5 must haves

Taking care of yourself involves many small steps that can be implemented both when you are at home and when you decide to go on vacation. But how to manage yourself on days dedicated to the sun? In this case it is very important to always have products useful for both protection and beauty with you. Let's find out which are the most important, as well as indispensable, to always have with you.

girl by the sea
girl by the sea

Sunscreen. It seems obvious, but it is not for everyone: the skin must always be protected. Which is why sunscreen should never, ever be missing from our beauty case. Better to buy one for the body and one for the face, making sure that both have high protection.

Lip balm. We have found over and over again that the lips risk drying out very easily and that when this happens it is really difficult to get them back to the way they were before. So, to avoid having dry and damaged lips due to high temperatures, we must always have a lip balm with us. For the sea we try to choose one with a protective screen!

Aloe gel. A real salvation for the skin: in case of burns or abrasions, the aloe vera gel gives relief and solves the problem. We can use it safely even as after sun and in case of sunburn!

Thermal water. With the heat and, therefore, with the high temperatures we risk losing a lot of liquids. In addition to having to drink a lot, let's not forget to always have a thermal water spray with us. Perfect for hydrating the skin and, above all, to give a feeling of freshness all over the body! During the day at the beach we can use it several times focusing more on the face.

Hair oil. Even our hair needs the right attention: the sea and the sun can ruin the lengths making them dry and frizzy and making the hair increasingly fragile. It is therefore important to always apply a protective oil and use the right products after sun exposure. In this way, arriving in September in full health will be easier than ever.

These are the essential products to keep yourself at your best both when you go to the beach and to the pool. In this way, in fact, it will be easier to take care of both the skin and the hair. And all while obtaining maximum results with minimum effort.

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