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A colorful and fresh appetizer is ready on the table: here are the photos and video recipe of the stuffed avocado!

Stuffed avocado

A few ingredients are enough to create a fresh and tasty appetizer: we are talking about the stuffed avocado.

Avocado is the tropical fruit that has made its way into our kitchens most of all, first as an ingredient for sushi, then with guacamole and finally in a whole series of quick and easy recipes, one better than the other. Take stuffed avocado for example: this preparation does not require cooking and is also very well suited to be served as finger food.

With the arrival of summer, a fresh appetizer is what you need to start a lunch in the best possible way. In this recipe we have used some ingredients that go very well together: cubes of avocado pulp, diced tomatoes and peppers , chopped onion and finally some mayonnaise to bind everything together. To prepare the vegan stuffed avocado it is sufficient to use vegetable mayonnaise, even homemade , here are the steps and video recipe of the dish.

Stuffed avocado
Stuffed avocado

How to prepare stuffed avocado recipe

Open avocados

1. First of all, make sure you are using fruit that is ripe at the right point, i.e. whose pulp is yielding when touched with your fingers. Then cut them in half and remove the central core.

Take avocado pulp

2. With the help of a kitchen spoon, gently dig out the pulp and cut it into cubes. Then transfer it to a bowl and season with a pinch of salt and lemon or lime juice .

Cut peppers and add them to the avocado

3. Wash the peppers and cut them into half-centimetre cubes, then add them to the avocado.

Cut tomatoes and add them to the bowl

4. Do the same thing with tomatoes .

Chop and add the onion to the avocado filling

5. Finally add the finely chopped onion to the knife.

Season and mix

6. Season everything with mayonnaise and mix.

Stuff the avocado shells with stuffing

7. Stuff the avocado shells with the freshly prepared filling and serve.

We have proposed a vegetarian (and vegan) stuffed avocado but if you want you can make it even richer and tastier by adding well-drained tuna or salmon. And if you love recipes with avocado, we suggest you try the stuffed cherry tomatoes : they're perfect as an appetizer!

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Stuffed avocado is not particularly suitable for storage. We therefore advise you to consume it as soon as it is made or store it for a day in the refrigerator at most .

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