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A lesson from Alessandro Michele: the style details that we can (and must) steal from the designer

Milan Fashion Week 2021

He recently turned 50 and we can't believe it, as well as his departure from Gucci. And Alessandro Michele's style lessons are countless

That's all we talk about and a few hours and days have passed since the dreaded news became reality: Alessandro Michele's farewell to Gucci , two realities that for most fans and fashion addicts were now one and the same. But you know, not all great love stories always go as they should and the variables in terms of evolutions, dreams and different perspectives can unexpectedly upset the balance. While we wait to find out where Alessandro will bring beauty again and which reality he will revolutionize again, let's review his genderless style lessons that we can draw on to upset our look with originality.

Alessandro Michele: original, personal, genderless style with attention to detail

Love for the sacred and the profane, vintage – especially the 70s -, the rediscovery and enhancement of the past, the ancient taste that meets the modern: Alessandro Michele has donated his passions, foibles, dreams, desires to Gucci , which have contributed to making the maison magnificently contemporary while continually drawing on past inspirations and archives.

An operation of which the stylist himself becomes an ambassador and never for marketing, but because in his looks, on and off the red carpet, he freely expresses his personality and originality . The first style lesson therefore is: priority over freedom, dressing at ease, adapting one's vision and need for expression yes to the contexts but always letting our taste prevail.

And it's incredible how the classic paired white t-shirt and baggy jeans, with a pair of moccasins and a vintage cap or a cascade of accessories with a vintage and indie flavor, worn by Michele, told according to his vision, seems to be a simple look , immediate but sophisticated at the same time. Because his obsessive attention to detail can make the difference: jeans and a sweater, certainly a classic, but the white sweater, finely crafted, soft and oversized with a pair of moccasins, Gucci style of course, tell another story.

Blazers, jewels, precious fabrics, vintage shoes: the 4 must haves

There are two of Alessandro Michele's greatest passions, recurring in his profile and which become undisputed protagonists on the red carpet. One is the blazer , for which the designer has a real veneration. He himself said in an interview with GQ UK that the jacket is an extraordinary garment, which crosses genders and identities. This is how he enjoys upsetting its codes, revisiting it, playing with it in all possible ways.

– The second undisputed passion is jewels . Pop over to her Instagram profile and you'll find out how many rings and bracelets, worn in more than one, precious, basically large, decorated with precious stones, but also coexist with thin chains with sacred, ancient images and floral references. Accessories that know how to make the difference even on the simplest look.

– The fabric can make the difference and Michele knows it very well. In his Gucci chapter, the careful choice of fabrics has always been his know-how , a trademark of his style, with which he has enchanted us on international red carpets by choosing and wearing the brocade fabric – once reserved only for popes – as they wear a pair of jeans. A choice of style that few succeed.

– Boots, moccasins , clogs, as long as there is always a vintage seventy touch on the foot. Alessandro Michele has a collection of about 360 pairs of shoes, with an elegant, refined but also exaggerated style: from low models to platform shoes, his looks are the praise of how choosing the right shoe completely revolutionizes the perspective of a look and allows play multiple styles.

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