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A sensual, playful and fun collection: Cavalli’s f / w 2022-2023 is a hymn to eroticism

At Milan Fashion Week 2022 Fausto Puglisi signs a fun and mischievous collection for Cavalli, including animalier, bondage and romance.

If we were to find a film or a series suitable to describe the suggestions of the Roberto Cavalli fashion show signed by the creative director Fausto Puglisi , we would probably think of a slightly bolder version of Bridgerton or The Scarlet Letter : the malice of those characters in costume, playful, curious meets a desire for escape and (re) discovery with a 90s flavor .

Because if it is true as we have often read that the pandemic has made sexuality drowsy even among the youngest, the collection designed by Fausto Puglisi is an invitation to take it back and rediscover it. And in fact this collection wants to speak to everyone: to Cavalli’s long-time client to his daughters, without forgetting the influencers, as Fausto Puglisi pointed out.

Roberto Cavalli autumn / winter 2022-2023 at Milan Fashion Week 2022

The dress on the catwalk that was the perfect synthesis of next autumn / winter Cavalli? The black bondage dress decorated with flowers in Capodimonte ceramic style with cuissardes boots, a look from Romance and Cigarettes that mixes eroticism and romanticism , with all the glam audacity that black and the imitation leather texture can offer.

Puglisi has now gone far beyond that animalier that has always characterized the maison. Be aware that the texture with its patterns and warm tones is always omnipresent but polarizing on light dresses with a feline allure and also in this case reinterpreted in a bondage key. The cut-out therefore animates jumpsuits and evening dresses, destined to be the indispensable must to keep in the closet. Capes and capes write the dress code of the musketeers of the night of the contemporary era.

There is great attention on the part of Puglisi to all the trends that have emerged from the world of music, even if the creative director does not explicitly express them, rather he prefers to underline all the erotic charge that surrounds the collection: “There are hoods on the coats for the day and lots of sex for the night. Today there is a desire for eroticism and fun because we are coming out of a difficult period .

The new Cavalli speaks to all generations: the evolution of the maison

That Cavalli’s touch had taken on new forms and expressions under the guidance of the stylist Fausto Puglisi was already evident on the Sanremo stage, in the choice of creating custom-made looks for Michele Bravi , an artist who knows how to be loved for several generations. In fact, his artistic evolution is very close to that which interested Cavalli, who in recent years has also won the attention of young influencers.

I am satisfied with Cavalli’s commercial and media development. There has been interest for more than a generation, from Roberto’s “historical” client to his daughter, up to the new generations of influencers. I love fifteen and fifty year olds. It is not automatic that very young people like a brand, but Cavalli like it a lot ” , explained Puglisi.

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