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Adaptive fashion is the next goal of the fashion system: revolution and starting point

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Beyond size and stereotypes, adaptive fashion is the new frontier, necessary in brand collections.

It is no longer allowed – and it never should have been – not to see, not to think, to those who perceive and experience the world from another perspective. Not even fashion should have allowed it, but even if late, it finally questions itself and someone starts creating a collection designed for those who live with some form of disability. It's called adaptive fashion and it's no exaggeration when someone defines it as a real turning point, not only for its users but also for the sector itself which looks beyond, to an idea of ​​fashion that fully enters everyday reality.

He did it first by going beyond the concept of size, reductive and too narrow to narrate the many varieties of our bodies, then moving on to the theme of sustainability, which must become a way of being, an ethical and moral choice and now the concept of "adaptive fashion" seems to be perfect for being able to reconcile all these appointments that fashion cannot miss.

Adaptive fashion on Zalando: lines, styles and items from the collection

The data from the World Health Organization speak for themselves: one in five Europeans experiences a condition of disability and for a long time fashion has questioned too little about this reality. Disabled people have the same right to experience the pleasure of being able to play and experiment with fashion and thinking of a collection of garments that make wearing them easier is an act of love as well as a duty. Zalando is currently the first online fashion retailer which in this sense has placed itself at the forefront and an example for future prospects.

Disabled athlete prosthesis
Disabled athlete prosthesis

The first collection launched by Zalando includes 140 styles interpreted by its private labels: Zign, Pier One, Anna Field, Yourturn and Even&Odd, but some Italian brands are also working towards this great little revolution. Pants with a simple tail at the waist so that you just need to pull them to put them on, dresses with zipper pulls to make closing easier, shirts and pants with magnets or velcro instead of buttons and zips, comfortable and stretch fabrics that are easy to wear: these are the garments that inaugurate a fashion truly designed for everyone. Indeed, among the styles there are collections that include seated designs for wheelchair use, constructions sensitive to the senses, pieces with simple closures and spaces that house prostheses or bandages.

With Zalando also Tommy Hilfiger, the first brand to launch a collection for the disabled

If Zalando is the first online fashion retail to lead the change, Tommy Hilfiger was the first in the world of brands to pay attention to the subject, whose adaptive garments are already on Zalando: a goal on the agenda that the brand is pursuing with significant investments since 2017 and which has been a great inspiration for the German online fashion giant.

“We see a gap in the fashion market: finding fashionable adaptive clothing is still a challenge for disabled people. By launching adaptive collections with our Private Labels and introducing the Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive collection to our customers, we hope to help solve this challenge. We want to learn from the disabled community and inspire our partners, so that together we can continue to build a pleasant experience for our disabled customers and make fashion even more inclusive , so Sara Diez, Vp Category Women and Private Labels of Zalando explained the management of the online outlet.

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