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Adidas + Ivy Park: the perfect combo interpreted by a very sensual Beyoncé


Pop and sporty items, interpreted by Beyoncé’s explosive beauty: Ivy Park x Adidas is the athleisure collection to keep an eye on.

Inclusive, comfy, trendy, glamorous , there are many adjectives that we could combine with the Ivy Park collection created by Beyoncé in collaboration with Adidas, which for some time has decided to invest time and energy to further enhance its athleisure lines. .

Since comfy dominates the scene, the sportswear concept has even entered the big fashion houses, and Adidas, which has always tried to perpetuate a line that knew how to go beyond the workout, could not miss such a tempting opportunity. Especially if the partnership with Beyoncé and her fashion collection has found all the conditions to replicate this success.

IVY Park x Adidas: Beyoncé testimonial and ambassador of soft and sensual garments

The new Ivy Park line designed by Beyoncé for Adidas was launched on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, also in honor of the colors that characterize this capsule, presented directly by the singer on her profile. A red velvet total look with the iconic contrasting Adidas stripes, consisting of tracksuit, white sneakers and crop top, definitely sexy.

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Beyoncé to remember the spirit of her collection presented it without a trace of makeup and in the most natural way possible, enhancing the versatility of a garment that adapts to the shapes and beauty of the female body, meeting only the desire to wear garments that are full expression of one’s personality. A message of body positive that we still need to reiterate these days.

On the other hand, the idea of ​​the former Destiny Child from the earliest times in which it was born was to create an urban line that is perfect to wear in the gym and at home, as well as in the office or on the occasion of an evening with friends.

Bey Mine: the garments that make up the new 2022 collection

The new IVY Park line takes the name of Bey (Beyoncé’s nickname) Mine and red is the color that covers most of the garments, revisited in python textures, like the one that characterizes the waterproof trench worn by the same star in the launch video of the collection. The presence of such a chic and perhaps not very sporty garment is the sign of how the Ivy Park concept, together with Adidas, is always looking for new ideas, going well beyond the classic sports pieces.

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And the prices are the second surprise of the line, definitely in the average Adidas figures: in fact, they range from the red latex dress to 130 euros up to 330 euros for the trench coat. On the other hand, items such as trousers, bodysuits and sweatshirts are included between 80 and 130 euros.

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