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Air fryer: what it is, how it works and how to choose it

Air fryer

Frying (almost) without oil is possible thanks to the air fryer. Here's how this appliance works and some advice for buying.

The saying goes that even a shoe sole is good when fried and it's not difficult to understand why. Young and old go crazy for this cooking method which allows you to obtain crunchy food on the outside and soft on the inside . However, as we all know, frying is not very healthy and although some claim that once a week it helps maintain liver function, opting for an air fryer could be a more permanent solution.

If you love fried foods but are slimmer, or you don't want to use tons of oil and plague the whole house with the smell of fried food, this small innovative appliance could be for you.

Air fryer
Air fryer

What is the air fryer and how does it work?

The air fryer is a small appliance that has been enjoying some success in recent years. Also known as an oil-free fryer, it allows you to obtain the same crunchiness of foods fried by immersion using just one tablespoon of oil for each cooking.

This takes place by exploiting the heat of the air inside (which can reach 200°C) and, circulating among the foods, it cooks them evenly, creating a pleasant crunchy layer.

The air fryer can therefore be compared to a convection oven with the only difference that the food does not dry out during cooking. The more modern versions allow you to cook not only the classic French fries , but also croquettes, meat, fish, panzerotti and much more. Some models can even bake cakes and cookies!

To maximize the healthy cooking of the fryer without oil, it is recommended to use fresh and not pre-fried products . In fact, only in this way will you actually use a single spoonful of oil which will not be added to the one used in the phase prior to packaging.

Chips in the air fryer
Chips in the air fryer

How to choose the air fryer?

There are really many models on the market ranging from 70 to 400 euros . Obviously, going up with the price also increases the performance of the fryer, but in general the aspects you should pay attention to before buying it are the following:

  • Air temperature: inside it must reach at least 200°C;
  • Capacity : it is measured in litres. One liter is enough for a family of 2;
  • Consumption : these appliances consume a lot, keep this in mind when buying;
  • Timer : useful for controlling cooking and not risking burning food;
  • Temperature regulation : it is better to opt for a fryer with an adjustable temperature so as to adjust it according to needs;
  • Recipe book : very useful for taking full advantage of the potential, especially of the more advanced models.

In short, the oil-free fryer is an excellent appliance, especially for those who love fried foods but tend to avoid them due to health problems . In the meantime, however, you can try the baked fries : you will be amazed by their goodness!

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