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All about the raw food diet, one of the diets of the moment

raw food diet

It's called the raw food diet and it's one of the most popular diets during the summer. Let's find out how it works and what to pay attention to.

Following a summer diet is one of the most common choices made in view of the swimsuit fitting or when you feel you have a few extra pounds that sweaters and coats can no longer hide.
Among the many diets to choose from, one of the most popular during the summer is the raw food diet . This diet is based on the concept that every food must be eaten raw. It is therefore a revisited (and not too much) version of the famous raw food diet which, in this case, also thinks about the figure as well as health.
So let's find out all the rules to follow and why among the many diets this is one of those that come back in fashion every summer.

Raw food diet: what it is and how it works

Let's start by saying that this diet has nothing to do with being fruitarian or vegan. Although there are some common points at the base, this diet actually turns out to be much more complex and, something that not everyone knows, is not just about raw foods.

raw food diet
raw food diet

The basic concept is in fact that every food consumed must have a maximum treatment temperature of 42 degrees. Beyond this temperature, food cannot be eaten.
In fact, the common thought is that beyond certain temperatures, foods would lose digestive enzymes, many vitamins and minerals and would take on a more acidic pH.
In jargon, therefore, it would be dead food and no longer able to give nourishment to the body.

What to eat on the raw food diet

Now that we understand what the philosophy of this diet is, we can move on to the foods that are considered suitable for it. It starts with sprouts and seaweed and obviously goes through vegetables and fruit that should always be in season. Dried fruit is also allowed.
Milk and cheese should not be pasteurized or aged. And always considering cooking, white meat and fish are also included. The former can be marinated or cooked at a maximum of 50 degrees. On the other hand, fish is probably easier to consume if you think of sushi.

Then there are the eggs for which there seems to be a derogation that allows cooking to be increased to 46 degrees. The alternative would otherwise be that of fermented eggs. Going to the condiments, soy sauce (as long as it is not pasteurized), maple syrup, coconut oil and soy butter are welcome. And for those who love flour? These must be obtained from vegetables and by drying. Chickpea flour, plantain flour, chestnut flour, eye flour and legume flour are therefore good.

In a hypothetical daily menu , you can therefore take a fruit smoothie for breakfast (perhaps accompanied by dried fruit).
At lunch you can opt for a plate of zucchini spaghetti with vegetables and fruit. At dinner, on the other hand, you can have a carpaccio of meat with salad or a salad with granted cheeses.
The snacks can be based on fruit while the allowed fats, soy sauce and spices can be used for seasoning.

The preparation methods allowed in the raw food diet

We have seen that cooking must never exceed 42 degrees, with very small exceptions which in any case do not exceed 50 degrees.
It is therefore very important to understand the food preparation methods that are actually allowed. Among these are marinating, fermenting, drying, pesto and centrifuging. Green light then for basil pesto (provided with permitted ingredients) or centrifuged juices to be enjoyed in the morning. The pasta can be made with zucchini or carrots while the desserts must have the flours listed above.

As it is easy to understand, therefore, this diet, in some ways similar to the raw food one, is more of a lifestyle . However, inserting a few meals designed in this way can be a good diversion as well as a valid diet aid. For the rest, if you want to lose weight, the advice is always to consult a good nutritionist. In this way you will have a diet studied on your person and on your personal tastes.

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