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All the causes and natural remedies for oily hair

greasy hair remedies

Having greasy hair is particularly annoying. Let's find out together the causes of this phenomenon and the best remedies.

Greasy hair is easily recognizable when, even just one day after the last shampoo, the hair is greasy and oily . Oil is a natural secretion from the scalp, technically called oily sebum , that helps keep hair healthy. But in the case of greasy hair, evidently, the secretion of this substance is excessive.
Let's find out together, in this simple guide, everything there is to know about this phenomenon: how to wash oily hair, natural remedies and all the most common causes.

How to cure oily hair: washing and the most common mistakes

Let's start with the fundamental question : how to wash oily hair. First of all, you should know that the main treatment to combat this phenomenon is to choose the right shampoo for oily hair, so that you can wash it thoroughly and more frequently, without damaging your hair.

greasy hair remedies
greasy hair remedies

The trick is to use small amounts of shampoo and do a quick wash , but above all avoid the following mistakes:

– Do not rub your head too hard , but massage it gently before applying the shampoo.
– Do not carry out more than one wash, as the second would have a caustic effect .
– Do not use hot water for rinsing but prefer cold water which, in addition to polishing the hair, tones the scalp.
– Avoid using the hair dryer and if you absolutely cannot do without it, keep it well away from the skin.

When to how often to wash oily hair. In general, doing it every day is not recommended , as this could damage the hair and weaken it . But by following these tips, you can wash your hair every two or three days, keeping it clean without consequences.

Greasy hair: effective natural remedies

Speaking of oily hair, there are natural remedies that can make a difference by helping the skin produce less sebum and making the hair less oily.

– Tender. This type of infusion contains tannic acid, an element that prevents the accumulation of excessive oil and tightens the pores of the scalp. To prepare it, just add two black tea leaves to a saucepan and boil them for about 10 minutes. Once ready, the infusion will go on the hair and after five minutes it will be enough to rinse and wash the hair. A practice to be repeated once or twice a week.

– Mask for greasy hair. Pour the powdered green clay into a bowl and add a mixture of 50% water and 50% vinegar. Mix everything and apply it on the hair for about ten minutes , then rinse and wash. This practice can also be repeated once or twice a week.

– Sodium bicarbonate. For this remedy it is sufficient to put a little bicarbonate on the hair once every 15 days , and leave it to act for about ten minutes and then brush it. Its absorbent qualities make it an excellent remedy, able to balance the pH and reduce bad smell.

– Apple cider vinegar. This substance rich in acetic acid helps balance the natural pH and prevents the formation of excessive sebum. To use it, simply mix the vinegar with water and use the created solution to rinse your hair after massaging it with shampoo. Leave to act and then rinse everything again with cold water. Use once or twice a week.

Greasy hair: the most frequent causes

Obviously, in addition to taking care of the care of oily hair, it is also very important to understand its causes. Among the most frequent are stress , hormonal changes , poor hair care, a diet concentrated on foods that are too fatty, an unsuitable shampoo and even genetic factors. Then there are other causes such as mycosis, dermatitis and other problems that can occur.
Even the abuse of chemical dyes can cause excessive oil production.
Understanding what the problem is, of course, can help solve the problem efficiently.

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