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All the secrets to prepare a perfect orange juice

Orange juice

Are you sure you know how to make a perfect orange juice? Here are all the tips and tricks you need to know.

Who has never prepared a homemade orange juice? Surely, each of us has done it at least once. This drink, in fact, is one of the most loved and easiest to make, even with your own hands. It is a product with many benefits for the body , because oranges are among the healthiest fruits that nature makes available to us.

60 g of orange per day would be enough to meet the daily requirement of vitamin C. This goal can also be achieved by consuming a good juice of this orange fruit. Its pulp is full of juice which, when squeezed, can provide an excellent and healthy drink. If the result does not satisfy you very much, you can sweeten it with sugar or honey to your liking. Either way, preparing it is very simple and only takes a few steps!

Orange juice
Orange juice

Preparation of the recipe for orange juice

  1. The first step is to soften the oranges. To do this you can roll them on a work surface, gently pressing them with your palm; alternatively, you can simply massage them in your hands.
  2. At this point, you can start by cutting each fruit in half . If you want you can identify and eliminate the seeds present in the pulp.
  3. Get yourself a juicer and squeeze one half of the fruit at a time, pressing them against the tool and twirling.
  4. Gradually collect the juice in a container. With a spoon you can collect the pulp that remains attached to the peel and add it to the juice; in this way the result becomes tastier.
  5. For a perfect juice, you can filter the mixture through a colander and you will get a liquid and homogeneous drink.
  6. A sweeter result can be obtained by adding sugar or honey to the juice. Distribute it in glasses and enjoy!


The orange juice, therefore, is a precious source of beneficial substances for the human body. To take advantage of this natural and nourishing elixir, you must consume the freshly made drink, without storing it for many hours.

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Properties and benefits of orange juice

Being made with oranges, this drink collects all its properties. Full of proteins and vitamins, in 100 ml we can find 45 kcal . In particular, the orange is known for its high content of vitamin C ; this substance is known to support the immune system, reacting against the action of pathogens, and to treat respiratory tract infections. In 100 ml of juice there are 50 mg of this vitamin, or half of the daily requirement of vitamin C that the body needs; this means that a single glass of juice can satisfy the entire requirement.

In this fruit we also find carotenoids and vitamin A , useful for the well-being of sight and skin, because they counteract the onset of free radicals. Also important is the presence of mineral salts, including potassium . The latter is essential for the control of blood pressure, to regulate water retention and to prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. In orange juice, phytochemicals are also fundamental, useful for carrying out an antioxidant action; among these there are anthocyanins , also useful for the prevention against the appearance of cancer cells.

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