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All tune in to the video recipe of risotto with asparagus, creamy and rich in taste!

Risotto with asparagus

Risotto with asparagus is a first course of great class, very quick to prepare and rich in taste and flavor.

Risotto with asparagus is one of the tastiest and simplest first courses ever, perfect to bring to the table for any occasion. This risotto is very easy to make and to prepare it you only need good seasonal asparagus: their intense taste will be enough to make this first dish memorable.

Today we will go simple, whipping the rice with grated cheese, but as you well know you can also use another type of cheese that you like. And if you want to give the recipe a touch of freshness and originality , try serving the risotto with a grated lemon zest . Seeing is believing!

Risotto with asparagus
Risotto with asparagus

How to make green asparagus risotto

  1. Boil the broth immediately, so that it reaches the right temperature when you have to start soaking the rice, then separately blanch the asparagus for about ten minutes . Once done, cut the tips and toss them in a pan with some butter, so as to make them crunchy.
  2. Now start preparing the rice. Sauté the onion with a tablespoon of oil, add the asparagus cut into small pieces so that they soften during cooking, toast the rice and then deglaze with the wine.
  3. At this point, start adding the broth a ladle at a time and if necessary, if the rice gets too dry.
  4. Once done, when the rice is cooked, stir in the grated cheese and butter and, when ready to serve, decorate with the tips and pepper. Enjoy your meal!

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Risotto with asparagus cream and other variations

If you are looking for a simple variant for this dish, you can try to modify a phase during the course of preparation. Once the asparagus has been blanched and the tips removed, blend the rest of the vegetables with a pinch of salt, a little pepper and a drizzle of oil. Use the cream when serving or in the creaming phase: in this way your dish will be more creamy than ever!

If, on the other hand, you want other more delicious variations, we advise you to insert a fat part inside the preparation. In this case, ingredients such as sausage, bacon or speck are ideal. Toast the meat separately and add it at the end, while you are whipping the risotto. The result will be extraordinary!

Furthermore, you can also decide to change the quality of this delicious and precious raw material, we are talking about the vegetable, and prepare the risotto with fresh white asparagus. This type of asparagus has a very delicate taste and must be treated with care. Steam it for 9-10 minutes so as not to risk ruining it, then proceed as a classic fresh asparagus risotto: adding the finely chopped stems halfway through cooking and then the tips only at the end.

Finally there is also the risotto with wild asparagus, a much more subtle variant and therefore must be treated with even more delicacy (with each variant the difficulty increases, but don’t worry!): Just steam them for 3-4 minutes and then add the stems 7-8 minutes before the end of cooking the risotto and the tips just when serving to have a creamy, delicate and delicious risotto.

If you have it, however, you can’t help but try to make this risotto with asparagus with the Thermomix !

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We advise you to taste the risotto on the spot, as soon as it is ready and whipped properly. However, you can also keep it for 1-2 days in the refrigerator in a container with an airtight lid. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer.

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