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Ankle boots that have no age: the iconic Dr Martens are super trendy even in 2023

White amphibians

To be combined with striped shirts to follow the grunge style and even with elegant dresses, this is how Dr Martens are worn in the winter 2023 trends

They are ageless not only because they really wear them big and small, but also because even as the years go by, Dr. Martens always present themselves as a model that incredibly marries perfectly with current trends. Smooth, sporty, versatile, there are many adjectives with which we could define them, to which must also be added a handful of rebellion that makes them a shoe with a historic figure, because if we wear them today above all because the perfect match between style and comfort, a At the time these boots referred to a precise status symbol, that of the English working class who first wore this model before all its evolutions until the '60s.

Winter 2023 shoe trends: low Dr Martens, how to wear them in winter 2023

Once exclusively low, with that thin heel added in the 60s that has arrived until today, today, in addition to the classic model, Dr. Martens have also become platforms in their very first design, following the shoe trends of recent years.

Yes, because precisely to preserve the iconicity but keep up with the times, the company has made so many different models that do not only include boots. But to everyone's pleasure, always and in any case, to consider it as a must have of the ideal shoe rack there is the lace-up amphibian, immediately recognizable thanks to the yellow thread and the black and yellow heel loop. How to wear them for this winter 2023? The diktat is to mix even more styles, to be daring by choosing to combine tights and socks too, better if they are visible, perhaps even turning the trousers inside out.

But not only trousers: striped socks or with writings and symbols following the latest trends on miniskirts and shorts combined with striped flannel shirts, back in vogue this year always drawing on 2000s-flavored punk, they will make a lot of "emo", to be tempered with a cropped top. Alternatively , Scottish skirts in all possible long and pleated variants together with a blazer will always give you a punk but romantic and sophisticated allure.

Dr Martens ankle boots and platform boots + jeans, which ones to choose

Lug sole, the Dr Martens platform are more determined, more rock and less punk than the original model. On the design of the historic boots, we find the platforms both in the ankle and knee-length versions, a model that with the right combinations can also prove incredibly sexy: both make the figure so much slimmer, so they are ideal if you are looking for a type of comfortable shoe that let you not give up on a high shoe.

The boot model was created to be worn with skirts and shorts for a glam effect, both long and short, but if you also want a pair of leggings or double tights in winter they will allow us to combine the platforms with a mini dress or a long shirt that is also perfect as a dress. For those who love evergreen looks, however, the contrasting effect with a pair of dark denim trousers is amazing!

Don't underestimate skinny jeans too, a look that plays on volumes, practical and sporty, that we can play with in a casual key with a cardigan and a sweater, with a top or a sparkling mini dress for a night at the disco. The perfect look for those who want to maintain a sporty-glam style even on these occasions.

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